Education In Faith 

First Eucharist  & Confirmation 

St Vincent De Paul - Feast Day 27th September


“Love the poor. Honour them, my children, as you would honour Christ himself”


Date of birth: 24 April 1581
Place of birth: Pouy, France
Died: 27 September 1660
Canonised a Saint: 16 June 1737


Vincent de Paul was born in the small southern French town of Pouy (later renamed Saint Vincent de Paul in his honour) on 24 April 1581 and ordained as a priest in 1600 at the age of 19.
As a young man he ministered to the wealthy and powerful. However an appointment as chaplain to a poor parish, and to galley prisoners, inspired him to a vocation of working with those most marginalised and powerless.
Vincent urged his followers to bring God’s justice and love to people who were unable to live a full human life: “Deal with the most urgent needs. Organise charity so that it is more efficient…teach reading and writing, educate with the aim of giving each the means of self-support. Intervene with authorities to obtain reforms in structure… there is no charity without justice.”
Vincent de Paul died in Paris on 27 September 1660 at the age of 79. He was canonised on 16 June 1737 and, in 1883, the Church designated him as the special patron of all charitable associations.
The Society was named after Saint Vincent de Paul and follows his teachings and compassion for people in need. Saint Vincent de Paul is the international patron of the Society.

Sacramental Program - Eucharist 

First Communion


With the uncertainty as to when we will be out of lockdown and the numbers that will be allowed in the church, we will await further advice from the Government Health Department before locking in  the remaining two First Communion Dates dates and times. 



Sacrament of Confirmation 


Sacrament of Confirmation

(Catholic Students in Year 6 2021 and Year 7 Catholic Students who attended SJV)


Our hope  would be that students will make their Sacrament at one of these Masses

Monday October 11th 7:30pm

Tuesday October 12th 7:30pm 


Information relating to Confirmation Please contact the Parish on 03 9546 3831 for any questions.