Principal Post

Dear Families,


We come to the end of Term 3 and what a whirl wind of a term it has been!  

I once again thank  you all for the amazing efforts you have made to partner with us to support your children!!  The COVID Pandemic certainly continues to present a range of challenges as we manage the juggle between home, work and school commitments.


For our students, it's time to  down the tools for a while, to have a break from learning Google Meets and from uploading tasks. I am sure that we are all hoping to hear some news which will perhaps safely ease restrictions  a little more, enabling families to enjoy more time together outdoors. 


As for Term 4 which begins on OCTOBER 4,  we will await for our Premier to make an announcement as to the Roadmap return for schools.  This is occurring on Sunday.  I will  keep you informed via text and email in the school holidays. 








 Wellbeing Day 

The students very much enjoyed yesterday's  wellbeing activities! It was a welcome break from the Learning Google Meets and completing online tasks.  The online sessions- cooking, cartooning, building, listening to stories  and finding some time to exercise were enjoyed by many students. Perhaps determining  which staff member belonged to which baby photo was the most fun!!  The Grid activities were also taken up well by our students. After a massive term, it was important to have an opportunity to enjoy a break from uploading tasks! 


My thanks to our Leadership Team who planned and implemented  the day.


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'Wellbeing Day at St John Vianneys'


Mini Vinnies Lockdown Ideas 

Our Mini Vinies have been at work compiling some great ideas for Holiday Lockdown. Please read their article!!


20th Anniversary of 9/11



Closure Days / Public Holidays for remainder of Year (Put these in your calendar)

  • Friday October 29th Staff Faith Formation
  • Monday November 1st (Cup Eve)
  • Tuesday November 2nd (Public Holiday)
  •  Monday December 6th