House Report


Logans Day BBQ

Due to the wet weather on our out of uniform day we had to postpone our BBQ. Om Tuesday 5th June the weather gods shone on us and we were able to fire up the BBQ.  With sausages, burgers and chicken nuggets on offer the line snaked through the undercover area as the food was purchased faster than it cooked.  Thank you to all students and staff that supported our events.  We would also like to thank the Tracey and McGowan families for their generous donations of food and services.

Student Leaders

The work has not stopped for the leadership team now that their fundraising day is over, on Thursday 21st June our team of student leaders joined the other houses for a celebration afternoon to share their progress so far in reaching their goals.  Logans leaders set themselves 2 goals in 2018:

SMART GOAL 1: Improve tutorial activities to be more inclusive to everyone, to make this less of a stressful environment. Develop a before and after survey, opinion boxes. Create some music challenges with prizes. Tute Kahoots. Run table tennis on the tables to engage students.


SMART GOAL 2: improve the open spaces with clear lines for games of 4 square, to monitor the amount of rubbish (photos to measure), impose consequences for littering. Long term goal of added bins, places to eat with shaded and sheltered areas.


The leaders are currently working to achieve goal 1, planning tute activities for term 3, purchasing board games and cards as well as items such as table tennis to be used during tute. They are also planning to join tutes together once a week for some friendly competitions.  Tute will be an exciting place to be in term 3. 


End of term activity

The student leaders have listened to the voice of the other students in the house and tried to provide the top 3 ideas from the survey they conducted.  Food, movie and no cost.  This means we will be staying at school for the afternoon, we will start with an assembly at 11:00am that will see us present our new year 7 student leaders, followed by some games in the hall for all to join.  Lunch of pizza and hot chips will be provided and then students can choose to watch a film in the auditorium or join in a gaming session in the hall on their ipads.  A number of games will be made available on the network for students to access. The day will end at 2:30pm

The day will be an out of uniform and any students who are planning to attend period 1 &2 and then leave at the end of period 2, are required to sign out through the office, they need a written note or permission on Compass to be permitted to leave. 


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff, students and families for your support over the past 6 weeks while Ms Crevola has been absent.  It has been a pleasure to work back in the house office with such an amazing group of staff and students. Emma Vesey.


Logans Student Spot of the week – featuring Tiffany Tracey

We are blessed in the Logans house to have numerous students that are gifted in a broad variety of personal pursuits both in and out of the school setting. As a house, we are keen to both share and celebrate those personal successes with others.

Tiffany Tracey is involved in many areas both in & out of school: youth council member, learning instruments, dancing & in lots of competitions...

Whenever she has spare time, Tiffany also provides voluntary face paint services to community events (Timboon Santa-on-the-Street, Dairy farmers Xmas events, Kinders & primary school fairs, car club events....).

Recently it was brought to my attention that Tiffany participated in the Warrnambool Speech & Drama Eisteddfod where she took out the aggregate 16 and under winner (with six 1sts, three 2nds and three 3rds).

Tiffany also participated this year in the regional Time to Shine Dance competition taking out a number of awards there as well as the Rainbow Australian Dance Tour to New York.

As a house, we join in both commending and further encouraging Tiffany in her ongoing contributions to the school and outside the school as well. Shoot for the stars Tiffany.


Mr. Gration

Logans Assistant House Leader



Merri Philanthropic Day

Never mind that yesterday was the shortest day of the year, today the winter blues were washed away with Merri’s winter woolly themed philanthropic day. Students and staff kept warm by donning beanies, scarves, woolly winter jumpers, Ugg boots and some even came in their pyjama’s, but it was all for a good cause. 

The Merri philanthropic day was a huge success once again. The marvellous Merri student leaders ran a bake stall, sold curries for lunch and provided hot chocolate hugs to contribute to the funds raised. Environmentally sustainable plates and cutlery were used for the curries which is another aspect of the day the Merri is exceptionally proud of. Lunch time was made even more special with musical entertainment provided by the one and only brother sister duo; Niamh and Patrick Howard.

Thanks to all of the wonderfully supportive Merri families for donating baked goods and curries. A special thank-you to Aleica Bellgrove and Masaru Matsuno from Melting Pot, Cudgee for kindly donating some curries for the cause. In one day we managed to raise an incredible amount over $2100. This would not have been possible without these generous donations. Due to the stalls being ran completely from donations 100% of these funds will go to the Taksenkangbloung Community Centre giving students from this area of Cambodia access to an education. In the past funds raised have brought a Tuk-Tuk to transport students to and from school and this year these funds will go towards school resources.  



Merri End of Term Celebration

On the last day of term (Friday 29th June) all Merri students and staff will be heading to the Warrnambool Cinema to celebrate the completion of incredible semester. The movie we will be watching is Incredibles 2.

We will be leaving school at 11:30am and returning in time for the end of the day at 2:30pm. Students are able to come out of school uniform and will need to bring their own lunch as the canteen will be closed on the day.

Parents/guardians are asked to provide consent and pay the small fee of $10 via Compass before Tuesday 26th June.