Assistant Principal's Report

It has been a cold and windy week – some of the coldest weather we have had to date. Despite the chill our open water academy braved the water on Wednesday to celebrate the winter solstice with a chilly dip in the water. It might not be everyone’s idea of a great time but the smiles on the faces of the students, staff and parents that participated show that they all had a great time. It is wonderful to see the support that our academies generate and the goodwill they create in our school community.

Continuing on this chilly theme Merri House will be celebrating their House fundraiser day on Friday 22nd of June. The theme of ‘winter woollies’ could not have come at a better time. Alongside their now famous bake sale they are also having warm winter curries. Each House is allocated one day for fundraising opportunities and we hope that all members of our school community will rally around this worthy cause.


The year 12 formal will take place on Friday night and is always a pleasurable event. I know that the year 12 students have been really looking forward to this night. It is a special occasion in the midst of study and hard work to have a break for the night. It allows them time to relax, take a breath and reconnect with their year level. Brad Henriksen and Kim Carey have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make this event memorable – we hope all year 12 students can find a moment to thank them in the near future.


Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 photography competition. Last years theme was blue and the phenomenal artwork is still gracing the walls of our College conference room. We get many positive and amazed comments in relation to this artwork. This years theme was Light and the exhibition was just as beautiful – if not more so. First prize went to the Dylan Patterson, second prize to Shaw McLeod and third prize to Chelsea Huismann. The Art and technology staff did a wonderful effort putting together the ‘Ideas Unfurled’ day held on Thur the 14th of June. In particular, we extend our thanks to Anthea Rafferty who has been the mastermind behind many of these ideas.


A reminder that Friday the 29th of June is the last day of term 2. Period one and two will run as per normal on this day. House celebration activities will take place in the afternoon. Of the six houses, only one is remaining on campus. Due to limited student numbers the canteen will not be operating on this day. All students will need to ensure that they have adequate food with them from home. As it is the last day of term there will also be a 2.30 finish. Busses will operate on the 2.30 finish time.