Grade 5/6 Song Writing Unit – Music


Our song writing unit started in remote learning and turned out to be something that the students really engaged in. They loved to write how they were feeling, and it helped them to speak out about an issue that was important to them or process some of the experiences they were having. Here is a sample of some of the songs they wrote – I hope they keep playing and singing music into the future! Ms Sibio


When I was in lockdown

I slept

Went to the playground

Then I stepped

Into the Meets

On remote learning

Laptops, iPad, phones

Eyes were burning

Belinda, Ellie and Mia


Remember those days,

Sleepovers, no obeys. 

Our world has been turned 

Upside down, 

it's like a movie, 

Called the life changing virus.

Delilah and Sophie


There's nowhere I can go 

I see the trees swaying

And I also see the empty road

I got a craving 

For lockdown to end,

It’s so boring, tiring and frustrating

Confusing and annoying

I just want lockdown to end

Luke Webb


I’m still trying to breath 

This won’t be written on a card

I know that someday

It won’t be so hard

And I know that someday we’ll break free

And someday it won’t just be me

Who stands up and knows who’s around,

So let’s get out of this lockdown



 Let’s make them regret

Putting out their big nets

We’re pumping toxins in the air

While the gas industry gets a good fare

The companies that sell “fresh” 

Are just making us a toxin filled mess

Hamish Gaffy




I yell at my dog to stop barking.

I hear the keyboards clicking quickly. 

I see the harvester out my window.

I drive my electric scooter because I’m out of my mind.

It’s all because of COVID 19

Always looking at a screen

I mean do you agree

It’s COVID 19

Tom and Patrick


Every day

I wake up in the morning

running in the hallway

I’m still yawning

To make my breakfast

Then I got to do my thing

 To go on the computer

To do my schooling