Round the classes 

Reception class : Katie 

The reception class has been very busy learning some new sounds. We have also been learning how to combine these sounds to form words and have been learning to read short sentences. 

In maths we have been learning how to write the number 3, and have started exploring patterns. 

As part of history we have been learning about each other. On Tuesday we met our first Kimochi character Lovey Dove and have been learning the importance of looking out for each other. 


Year 1/2 classes : Sam and Kelly

It is great to finally have our full classes. They are settling in well with the routines and expectations and both teachers are getting to know all the children well. 

For HASS we are learning about our community - the children have identified some features that are around Uraidla for example - old police station, the church, the pub, hairdresser, bakery, farms, market gardens and so much more. 

In English we have been learning about sentences - what is a sentence? What does it look like? What does it need? and incorporating grammar such as verbs, subject , full-stops, punctuation marks and questions - and why they are in sentences. 

In Maths we have been learning about measurement and geometry focusing on days, months, and seasons and how we measure time throughout the year.


Year 3/4 class: Stephen and Henry

In Stephen’s and Henry’s year 3/4 class the students are revising their history skills.

They have started by looking at what a timeline is and how to actually make one.  Their

starting point was to make a timeline on themselves, thinking about milestones in

their lives.  Here are some examples.

Year 3/4 class: Alex

During our first two weeks back at school students have been contributing their ideas toward building our classroom expectations together. We have begun our unit on narrative writing with an initial focus on further developing students’ ability to engage the reader using a sizzling start in their stories. They have enjoyed our novel study on ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, and have been responding and reflecting on the events in the story through discussion, written responses and design tasks. 

Students have been practising their goal-setting in Maths and have been working on the area of Place Value. They have been building their number fluency through working on their mental maths and times tables. Students have been exploring the Japanese artform of NOTAN which plays with the balance of positive and negative (dark and light) space in an artwork. 


Year 5/6 class: Sallie

In maths we have continued our investigation into "number properties" and becoming confident when looking at different numbers and working out if they are prime, composite, odd, even, a prime factor, a square or a triangular number.  Lots to think about! 

In English we started our Words Their Way spelling program and at times there will be homework involved with this. In writing we are continuing to look into narratives with particular emphasis on describing characters. When you are allowed to come into school you could look at our display in the hallway that has a picture of each student and a description of themselves (using fabulous adjectives and some funny similes). 

In geography we have looked at diversity but this time in relation to diversity of environments . We have used maps and pictures to look at Asia and the diversity found in this continent. 


Gardening - Jo

The Sustainability Fair is coming up next month. 

The 3/4 class are looking at "sustainability" -what it means for our world and our school  and our community.

They did some brainstorming about reducing, reusing, recycling, rethinking, refusing & repurposing; composting and potting up some veggie seedlings for the fair.


Indonesian - Ibu Susan

We have been very busy starting our new topic for this term “Muka Saya” My Face. Students have been learning the words for the various features of the face in many different activities. We will build on this with adjectives next week and create more complex descriptions.


Science - Troy

In Science students from reception to year 2 have been learning about the weather. We have been using our senses to observe the weather outside and understanding the importance of symbols in representing the conditions on a weather map. 

Students from years 3-6 have been completing pre assessment on their units on space, demonstrating their understanding of the sun, moon and earth as well as the solar system.