JSC Walkathon

The JSC will be holding a Walkathon to raise some money for our new school, promote student voice and agency and to provide an opportunity for students to come together as a school.

The Walkathon will be held this Friday 26th November starting at 9.30am and the dress theme is ‘80’s Fluro’, so colour will be the order of the day. Students will still need to wear appropriate footwear, sunscreen and a hat on the day. Please also make sure that children have their own clearly labelled drink bottle. 


Year levels will walk as follows:


Foundation walk for 1 hour (9.30-10.30)

Years  1 /2 walk for 1 and a half hours (9.30-11am)                                                                             

Years 3 and 4 walk for 2 hours (9.30-11.30)

Years 5 and 6 walk for 2 and a half hours (9.30-12)


Parents are welcome to dress up and participate as this is an outside event. However, they MUST check in at the school office and show proof of double vaccination.


On Wednesday 17th November, each child will receive a donation / sponsorship card. We encourage children to ask only family members and friends for donations. If children need another card, there will be extra’s at the school office.

Money and cards are to be returned to school on Walkathon day or as soon as possible.