Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Carers,                                                           

“Empowering students for learning and life”


As we approach the halfway point of Term 4, we are so grateful to have all our students on site in a full return to on site learning.  Our staff used the day before Melbourne Cup Day to work together and plan exciting learning experiences for students to engage with for the remainder of the year.


We know that being located in the City of Casey, we are within a ‘hotspot’ for COVID-19.  With this, it is increasingly important that all students and staff follow COVID-safe practices at all times when on site.  This includes wearing a mask when indoors, using provided hand sanitiser when entering/exiting classrooms and maintaining social distancing rules as much as possible.  We appreciate the efforts staff in many areas have made in modifying the curriculum to be able to meet these COVID-safe practices.


The most important way we can protect our school community against the spread of COVID-19 is to ensure that if students have any form of cold/flu symptoms, they stay home, isolate and get tested.


As members of the school community will know, we have had to close the school for 24 hour periods a couple of times over the past few weeks.  The purpose of this is to work with the Department of Education and Department of Health to identify Primary Close Contacts (PCCs) of any positive cases to ensure we help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  We understand that this can be a time of frustration, anxiety and concern for students, staff and families.  We really appreciate the support we have received from the community as part of this process.


Over the last few weeks during the staged return process, I want to thank the students and staff for their focus on our three priorities for Term 4:

  • Reconnect: Aiming for all students to improve their attendance at school
  • Re-engage: Aiming for all students to re-establish positive behaviours and routines for learning
  • Refocus: Aiming to focus on our learning by aiming for our best in our classes

Finally, I am excited to be able to meet many more of the students over the remainder of Term 4.  I am looking forward to hearing from students and staff about what they love at Lyndhurst Secondary College, as well as what are some ways we can improve the learning environment of the college.  This will be done using forums, so students are encouraged to keep an eye on Compass Newsfeed if they wish to take part.









Ms Eloise Haynes