As we prepare to farewell our Class of 2021 this week, our Classes of 2022 and 2023 are starting their VCAL and VCE journeys in Headstart. 


We began on Monday with Presentations to both the Year 11 and 12 groups. Ms Pastore and I pointed out some of the key information about achieving a successful outcome in each year level, but we focused a lot on the need for consultation and collaboration with teachers and support staff as the key ingredient. We are really here to assist our students to achieve their personal best by supporting them through any issues that may occur. 

In particular, we asked Year 12 students to note down any concerns they might have for the year we have just begun. I have done a brief analysis of these, and I find that two major concerns arise: 

  1. A lack of confidence about their study skills
  2. A number of students uncertain about their future pathways.

The second issue is relatively easy to solve: students can easily arrange a meeting with me to discuss their career options. There is a link to Careers Appointments on Simon. I am available both this year and next year to help students in the process of setting some flexible goals for their future. I usually find that this helps greatly with their motivation to study.


We will be holding a Study Skills session for Year 11 and 12 next week. This will be the first of a number of Study Skills sessions to be held for both year levels over the coming year. It will get them started thinking about how they will prioritize the demands on their time, organize their work and notes, and plan their schedules.


As for our Class of 2021, it has been a tough two years. However, they are well equipped, with the perspective on what matters in life, the resilience to overcome any obstacles and the determination to achieve their goals. The world is opening up just in time for them to work, study and travel in ways that have not recently been possible.


It is important that those intending to study next year spend some time now considering the options they have applied for and consider any changes, in preparation for the Change of Preference period coming up from 16-20 December. Again, I am available for Careers Meetings over the next few weeks for both parents and students with any concerns regarding employment or study options. 


Much of the information you will need is available in the School Leavers’ Guide, found on the St Mary’s College Careers Website. The link is on Simon.


Careers Counsellor | Mandy Ellwood