Principal's Report


Dear Families,

Today the staff from three schools have been participating in professional learning on Student Wellbeing. It was explained to us the importance of parental mirroring and how it provides a child's sense of self-worth. The relationship and bonding that occurs between a baby and its parents is critical.


Mirroring can be defined as the behaviour in which one person subconsciously imitates gestures, speech patterns, or the attitudes of another. Mirroring often occurs in social situations, particularly in the company of close friends or family. The concept often affects other individuals' notions about the individual that is exhibiting mirroring behaviors, which can lead to the individual building relationships with others.The display of mirroring often begins as early as infancy, as babies begin to mimic individuals around them and establish connections with particular body movements and facial expressions.The ability to mimic another person's actions allows the infant to establish a sense of empathy and thus begin to understand another person's emotions. The infant continues to establish connections with other individual's emotions and subsequently mirror their movements.


Although it is particularly critical for infants, the mirroring continues throughout childhood as they learn the tools that help them to flourish throughout life.  Parents perform the most critical mirroring as they are usually the most significant role model in a child's life. How we respond directly impacts upon the future actions and decisions of our children. They notice how we behave when under pressure, being confronted with a challenge or how we give to others less fortunate.


Children think very deeply and as parents/teachers we think that our actions are going unnoticed but they are NOT. Not only do children notice the actions and behaviours of their parents, they remember and often replicate them. My own children are aged 17, 21 & 23. They often recall stories of the times we spent together when they were small, some of the stories I cannot remember myself. They often comment upon the time I spent playing with them and how they want to be like that when parents themselves. It is very rewarding to know that they reflect positively upon their childhood. It reminded me of a poem titled When you thought I wasn’t looking. It talks about the small actions and values displayed by a parent and how it  impact upon the child's life. Below is an excerpt with the full version attached. Parenting is very rewarding and challenging. How will your parenting impact the futures of your young children? Have you thought to ask them what they have learnt from you?


by Mary Rita Schilke Korzan

When you thought I wasn’t looking

You hung my first painting on the refrigerator

And I wanted to paint another.

When you thought I wasn’t looking

You fed a stray cat

And I thought it was good to be kind to animals.

(full version attached)

Galilee Students

Year Six students have established a list of what makes the perfect Student, Teacher and Classroom. The lists are designed to provide a reference for establishing the optimum learning environments for all students. I thought the idea was inspiring and worked with the students from ALL year levels to create a list of what makes the perfect School. Please read below to see what the students have brainstormed.


Galilee wants to be the perfect school. A perfect school is one that is presentable and clean. It has non-judgemental, healthy and safe learning environments for students from Prep to Year Six.


A perfect school is where you feel safe and secure around your teachers and peers at all times. It is welcoming to everyone and it has a strong sense of community that respects differences in cultural backgrounds and provides equal opportunities for all.


A perfect school is built on faith and love. It is always a safe and happy place. It is full of excitement that encourages everyone in the community, students, staff, parents and parishioners, to live, love and learn while working as a team.


It is a school of kindness where students and teachers are caring and friendly towards each other. It has an environment that promotes resilience and positivity. Teachers and students are respectful and fair to everyone in the community. The perfect school provides opportunities to have fun and enjoy learning.


The perfect school sets achievable goals and everyone within its community works hard and to their full potential to achieve what has been set out.

Parent Reps

It was wonderful to see so many Parent Reps attending the morning tea last Wednesday. This year each year level is being asked to organise a school-wide event. The Reps are not expected to do all of the organising but to encourage other parents to contribute. Parents feeling connected to Galilee is critically important to the wellbeing and learning of the students. Connection is formed by attendance but also helping for the benefit of others. It is focus this year to engage more parents in the organisation of school events and the learning of the students. The Class and School Dojo is one strategy to provide more information about how the students learn. Why do we want greater parental engagement?  Last year Galilee was formally reviewed and...“The reviewer endorses the school’s intention to develop a culture where parents are partners in the promotion of student learning and wellbeing, and where there is a collaborative approach to student learning.” We all share the goal of establishing the best school environment for our students to learn so ALL parents are encouraged to contact their Parent Rep and make a contribution. Education is a shared responsibility and can only be done in partnership with parents. 

Deputy Principal

Mrs Burns will be taking Maternity Leave for Terms 2-4 in 2018. We have internally advertised the position with strong interest from a number of staff. Interviews were held last Thursday and we are thrilled to announce that Mr Martello will be working with Mrs Gerecke as Deputy Principal (while Mrs Burns is on Leave). Mr Martello has been at Galilee for a number of years teaching many classrooms, Digital Learning, Italian and been the Learning and Teaching Leader. He inspires the students with his teaching and has outstanding relationships with the students, staff and parents. Mr Martello will begin his transition into the role throughout Term One.

Staff Sports Uniform

The staff have ordered sports attire to be worn on sport days, camps and excursions to make them more identifiable in a crowd. The orders will be delivered over the next week. A vest and jacket has also been ordered which can be worn with professional attire. The school colours displayed on the students' uniform are: navy blue and sky blue, maroon and green. During sporting carnivals you can see the following House colours: Ice White, Galilee Green, Navy Blue and Majestic Maroon. Three of these colours were chosen for the staff uniform: sky blue, white and navy blue.

House Teams & Galilee - 25th Year

Earlier this year I received an impressive letter from Joel B in Year 6 suggesting that we change our House names to include the name of a person or organisation significant in the history of Galilee. Joel made many interesting suggestions. Galilee has been in existence for 24 years and currently in our 25th year and it's an appropriate time to review the names. The Year 6 students will investigate options and make presentations to the staff and School Education Board. Below is an attached article from 1993 announcing the opening of Galilee in 1994. Back then schools were closed due to a declining enrollments and yet today we see new schools being built to cope with the increasing population. At Galilee, we are again applying for funding to fulfil our Masterplan that will create more contemporary facilities and space for the students. 

Dendy Swimming

Good luck to the children attending the Dendy Swimming competition on Monday. Students were selected based on their times from last year's Galilee swimming carnival. We wish our swimmers a successful day and thank Mr Tobin for his organisation.

Run For The Kids

Miss Otte and Mrs Ford are both training for Run for the Kids and will be completing 15 kilometres  to raise money for the Royal Children's Hospital (Good Friday Appeal).  Families are encouraged to participate and students will have the option of completing a 5 km run with more details from the Year 5 students.

Year Six Camp

Year Six students will leave for camp on Tuesday and be flying to and from Canberra. Some of the places we will be visiting are:

  • Parliament House
  • High Court of Australia
  • Australian War Memorial
  • Australian Institute of Sport
  • National Gallery
  • Questacon

Staff accompanying the students to Canberra are Joss Coaley, Charlotte Biggs, Tarren Otte and myself. There was a camp meeting last Thursday for parents and it will be uploaded soon, for those who were unable to attend. A reminder for Year 6 students to be present at 6am this Tuesday. Mobile phones can be taken for photos with no sim card, at own risk. Students can bring a maximum of $50 for spending throughout the week. We are looking forward to the camp and communication to parents will be through the Year 6 Class Dojo.

Open Days & 2019 Sibling Enrolments

(Repeated) Can all 2019 Prep Sibling enrolment forms please be completed by Friday February 16. Sibling interviews will be held from March 5-16. Our first Open Day will be held on Wednesday March 14 from 9-11am. This is an excellent opportunity for interested families to see Galilee students and staff in action.  School tours will be conducted by our Year 6 student leaders.

Non-sibling interviews will from April 30 - May 11.

Click here for the Enrolment Form.

Harmony Week

(Repeated) Harmony Week at Galilee will be celebrated from March 5-9, 2018. When considering your family heritage, do you have a favourite food? Is there a traditional dress? We have a Harmony Week Committee compiling ideas and activities. More information will be distributed in the coming weeks but in preparation you are encouraged to discuss your family heritage with your children/students. Harmony Day will be celebrated on Wednesday March 7th.

School Photos

Yesterday, staff and students had their class photos taken by MSP Photography. They took photos of all classes, students and siblings who were present on the day. Parents should have received their child's unique login code to order online. Orders can be placed till next Wednesday 28th February. If you did not receive it or have misplaced the sheet, you can call them on 9466 7331.


Simon Millar

(Principal of Galilee)