STEM Drone Club​

Towards the end of last year the STEM Drone Club was formed and interested students brought their own vehicles to fly on Wednesday mornings. I am pleased to announce that the Science Department has invested in a set of eight DJI Tello drones to support the club in its endeavours to cater for students interested in STEM.


The STEM Club had their first meeting on Wednesday with around 30 students attending. We hope to start the year off with students learning to fly the drones, using a downloaded app and learn their capabilities. Then next term the students will be assigned teams to work collaboratively to program the drones to fly in formation, with the hope of performing a choreographed display of precision flying at Science Week. It is our hope that the students will gain many skills including collaboration, programming, 3D spatial awareness and increased awareness of the uses of technology in society.


In future years we hope build and race our own drones, whilst still increasing our use of programming to control the drones.


The STEM Drone Club is open at all secondary students who are happy to commit time and energy to our program. Our next meeting will be next Wednesday in the Secondary Gymnasium at 7:15am.


Mr Damien Connellan & Mr Simon Carello