Parents' Association

All parents of the College are automatically members of the John XXIII Parents Association. We have four main aims: 

  1. To help promote social connection within parent groups. The parent representatives (PALs) of each year group create opportunities each Term for parents in their year group to meet and connect with each other, and share experiences and advice.
  2. To coordinate pastoral care for families. The Roncalli Care arm of the Parents’ Association coordinates meal rosters for College families experiencing a crisis or ongoing difficulty. All families are eligible for this service: all emails should be directed to . All requests are confidential.
  3. To provide education to parents. Most Terms a highly qualified guest speaker is organised by Inspire to address the parent body on a current parenting or educational issue.
  4. To provide financial support to the school.  Each family is charged $75 a year in their fees and those funds collectively come to approximately $70,000 annually. Funding proposals with ideas for how this money should be spent improving the facilities or services at the school are submitted each Term by parents and staff.  These proposals are voted on by those present at the Parent Association meetings.

There is a one hour Parent Association meeting each Term, normally on the Monday of week five at 7:00pm in the Thomas More Exhibition Centre.  All parents are invited to attend.  At each meeting the leaders of the school provide a brief but thorough snapshot of what is happening in the school at that point and all attendees vote on the funding proposals presented that Term. 

Term One Meeting - Tuesday 5 March

Our Term One meeting will be held at 7:00pm on Tuesday 5 March.


We encourage ALL PARENTS to come along as it is a quick and easy way to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening at the school as well as an opportunity to have your say on how our Parent Association funds are spent.