Community Liturgy

Community Mass resumes next week.  It is always a joy to attend the Community Liturgy on Friday mornings, 8:00am-8:30am. Students prepare the readings and prayers; the Chapel Choir joyfully leads the singing; our chaplain, Fr Rodrigo, is engaging; students, parents, staff and friends come together to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Christ. Many parents take the opportunity to share a coffee and chat afterwards.


All are welcome.  If you are new to the College or have not previously attended Mass, just come to the Chapel at 8:00am – preferably a few minutes before.  There are no reserved seats or special places and, as all the responses are on a PowerPoint, it is quite user-friendly. 


Next week’s Mass will be prepared by students in Year 9. All family and friends of Year 9 students are especially encouraged to attend however you are welcome to attend whether or not you have a son or daughter in Year 9!

Sacrement Program

Do you have a child in Year 3, 4 or 6?

Children in Years 3, 4 and 6 prepare to celebrate, respectively, the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation in their own ‘home’ parish.  Parents are reminded to enroll their children in parish Sacrament programs as soon as possible.


In next week’s newsletter there will be more detail about sacrament programs in our local parishes. 

For further information:

  • Contact your Parish Priest or Sacrament Coordinator.
  • Contact Mary-Anne Lumley, Parish Liaison or 9383 0513.
  • Information for all parishes may be found on the archdiocesan website.