Student Reports

Year 3 News

In 3C we have been learning about how to be a steward of God’s creations. We’ve also linked this with our STEAM topic, to help the animals and our environment.

We have been watching the ABC TV series War on Waste and it has made us aware that we now have to make sure that we do our part to help the environment.


Some of the facts we have learnt are:

  • By 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish
  • You can recycle scrunchable plastics (soft plastics)
  • If we don’t recycle, rubbish ends up in the sea and endangers the lives of sea creatures
  • You can recycle plastic bottles BUT the lid has to go in the bin
  • Coles and Woolworths in South Melbourne have soft plastic recycling bins
  • Recycled soft plastics can be made into other objects such as park benches, sports equipment, tables and even building blocks for houses!!!
  • Supermarkets won’t allow ‘ugly’, too big, too small, too curvy, too flat or too fat bananas on our shelves. This means that lots of bananas are going to landfill!

In 3C we have started doing our part and have already reduced the amount of soft plastics coming to school! When we surveyed our class last week we had 49 pieces of soft plastics in our lunchboxes. Today we have 25! That’s a reduction of 24 pieces of soft plastics – and that’s in our class alone!

We have been designing a program to recycle soft plastics at Galilee and are a few steps away from hopefully introducing this to the school so keep your eyes peeled! (By the way, peels go in the compost!)


In 3R we have been watching the ‘War on Waste’ on Channel 2. We have learnt how to take better care of our environment. Did you know that many things that don’t go into the recycling or the rubbish bin end up in the sea? We have seen a picture of a dolphin who ate plastic bags because it thought they were jellyfish! We all need to put our rubbish in the bin!


We learnt how to reduce, repair, recycle and reuse our waste products. For example, we can bring our own bags when we go shopping, adults can use their own coffee cups and we can reuse items like yoghurt containers to store things. We can even use coffee for compost.


We have learnt how humans are ‘Stewards of God’s Creation.’ We need to look after all the animals, plants, humans and the environment. We studied an animal that is endangered and how we can help them to survive. We can do this by supporting charities, not buy anything made from that animal, send emails and support the WWf-World Wildlife Fund that protects animals.


We also welcomed Charles into our class from St. Mary’s St. Kilda and he has settled in really well!


We have had a great term of Teaching and Learning!

Netball Lightning Premiership

On Thursday the 15th June, a select amount of students went off to the Netball Lightning Premierships. Unfortunately, the downside to going was we had to be at school no later than 8:15. That's when I eat my breakfast! Anyway, we got onto the bus and began the journey to Springvale. The A/1 team (which I was on) had two byes first of all. We had our first game, but sadly we lost. The score was 4/7. After a short 'Twisties-filled' break we had our second game, which we won! These score was 7/6. A few more breaks and games, a few ice cream cones and we saw the final scores. Our Galilee A-Grade team came a three-way-tie in fourth place!


Meanwhile, the B grade team was playing. It was hard, but Galilee didn't give up! We kept running and intercepting the ball but it wasn't enough. They won 2-1.

Then came the second game. It was a really tough game, but after a short period of time the other team scored and it wasn't long until we scored. The team that we played were really good and excellent at defending our shots and in the end, Galilee won the game. The score was 4-1. 

A few games later, it ended up with us getting 3/9 wins but 6 losses and in total we got 20 points! Which is a great achievement when most of us had not played a game of netball before.


Meanwhile, the C grade team was ready to play and feeling excited then realised that there was a bye. Then we had our first game and sadly lost to St Mary's Malvern East 1-7 then we played about another 5 games, losing but learning from mistakes and waiting for the moment that we could win a game. We finally won our first game by five points 7-2 and won our last game 5-1!


By Roxy, Isabella and Gwen