School Community

SEB Message

It is hard to believe that we are almost at the halfway mark of our 2017 school year.

On behalf of the School Education Board, I would like to wish all students, staff & their respective families a lovely break over the school holidays.


We have been working closely with the School Leadership Team on a range of matters including the Master Plan, School Improvement, Uniform Development & Funding.

As foreshadowed in previous correspondence, we have aligned around a robust set of objectives in 2017 and I have attached them for your information.

I would like to thank the School Education Board for their time and diligence.


We would also like to acknowledge the efforts of a key member of staff, Mr. Shaun Tobin.

Our progress in Sport & Physical Education has been tremendous and it’s no surprise that this progress coincided with his appointment to lead P.E. at Galilee.

We are participating in a wide range of activities that enable our students to keenly develop their skills in a wide range of sports.

We now have students participating and succeeding in more District & Regional competitions than ever before and without the facilities that many other schools enjoy.

This only encourages the Board to work hard on delivering the Master Plan so that our Outdoor Active Play Spaces can be doubled and the efforts and results for our students can be maximised.

Well done and thank you Shaun.


The Music Soiree’s have been well attended and our students are developing beautifully under the guidance of our Instrumental Staff.

It might interest parents to know that Australian Researchers have found there to be a link between musical training and statistical learning, the latter being a key building block for language development and reading.  So, whilst the idea of learning keyboard, violin, flute etc....sounds like a fun, it may also be helpful academically. 

As a Board, we are delighted that it forms a key part of our extra-curriculum at Galilee.

It really does take a village to help raise and educate children.  We are blessed with wonderful leaders and staff at Galilee who help us do that.


It is a partnership with Parents/Guardians and there are many, who make such wonderful contributions to our school.

To that end, I would like to acknowledge Brett Todd for the gift of Cecilia.

Thankfully, he managed to drag her away from her home in Texas and into so many of our hearts at Galilee.

Her personal efforts to make our children’s lives so much fun and memorable are amazing. 

From Halloween Parties to Easter Egg Hunts to Baby Showers and Farewell Cards/Gifts, she is truly exceptional. 

We are also blessed to have you and know you Cecilia.  Thanks for all that you do, we appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.



Donna McMaster

Chair/ School Education Board

Open Morning Survey

We were thrilled with the community response about the Open Morning initiative that started at Galilee this year. We had over 90 responses from families which has given us data to analyse over the last few weeks. Below we have listed the main findings from the Open Morning Survey.

We had a spread of families visiting each year level, with Prep, Year One and Year 3 being the most frequently visited classrooms.

Monday was the most popular day to attend Open Mornings.

The structure that the community preferred was one Open Morning per week.

The effectiveness of Open Mornings was ranked at a 4 out of 5 for creating positive partnerships between the school, students and families.

Again, thank you to those families who contributed to the survey. We will continue Open Mornings in Term 3. We encourage families to walk their children to class on a Monday morning and engage with them in their learning.

Year Three Morning Tea

Thank you to the Year 3 Class Reps for organising morning tea on Monday. There was a healthy participation with some mums and dads catching up before the end of term.

Trivia Night

Trivia Night planning is well under way with the Social and Events Committee working hard to organise food, drink, raffle items and entertainment. We need as many donations as possible. Experiences are a great idea, such as dinner vouchers, tours, holiday stays etc.


Each class will also be making donations for a hamper. Any donation can be placed in the basket at the front office. Please see your Class Reps if you are unsure of what to donate.


There is a CareMonkey form to fill out if you can help on the day. Please fill this out as soon as possible...many hands make light work!


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Social and Events Committee for their hard work and effort in getting the Trivia Night organised. We know there have been some late nights already!


For updates and information about the Trivia Night and Galilee events, click on the Facebook link:

ATTENTION! An extra day of drum lessons at Galilee about to become a reality in Term 3  (with your help)..

Dear parents,

As you may or may not be aware, I currently teach an extremely full day of drum lessons on a Tuesday.

Seeing I love working at this school so much, I really want to try and get enough new students to warrant me coming in on another day.

I already have a couple of students on the waiting list but if I could get another 8 or so students, it would enable me to stop at one of my other schools and dedicate more time to Galilee.


If your child is interested, please give me a call or send me a text on

0403 176 652 to have a chat.

Alternatively you can email me at:



Family Liaison Volunteer

My name is Jess and I am mum to John (Year 3) and Eva (Year 1) at Galilee and a 3 year old George.  This year I am the Family Liaison Volunteer.  This is something new at Galilee and it is an evolving role.  The purpose is to be a point of contact for families at the school who may need support and to be a parent contact that the school can use to reach out to families.  It might simply be organising flowers for a new baby, a card for an injured child, acknowledging the passing of a loved one, making a phone call to see how a family is travelling after an illness, or to be a point of contact for new families to Galilee.  


So far this year I have had the privilege to witness the many wonderful families we have at Galilee rally around those who need extra support whether it be some meals to help a family, a sympathetic ear or some kind words.  A huge thank you to Helen (2C Rep) for her initiative earlier this year coordinating meals and support for one of our family’s and to our Year 4 Parent Reps, Lissette and Meegan who are currently coordinating meals for another of our families.   We are lucky to be part of a generous and caring school community.


Sometimes we hear about families at school that may need some extra support or simply for someone to reach out to a family, but unless we are made aware things can be overlooked.  If there is a way any one thinks I can help, please do not hesitate to email me at or phone me on 0404531629.