Student Wellbeing

Friendship Groups

On Monday, we met once again with our Friendship Groups.

This session’s focus was RESPECT - We are learning to respect all of God’s creations.

We discussed what RESPECT means to us at our school:

looking after each other

looking after the library books and the sports equipment

making our friends happy when they are sad

picking up rubbish in the yard

playing with children in the yard if they haven’t got a friend

watering the plants

We then together watched : A Day in the Life of St Francis


The students discussed how St. Francis cared for the environment, animals and the people he met and then how they can care for the environment, our school and each other.

They then created their own promise of how they can care for others in our school.

The students brought their promise home to discuss with you. We hope you have had the opportunity to do so.

What can we do, as parents and teachers, to encourage children to be respectful?

Don’t expect children to just know the rules - Before an occasion, parents should explain the expected behaviour in a noncritical way. (When we see Mr. Millar today, I’d be so pleased if you shook his hand, looked him in the eye and said, "Hello, Mr. Millar.")

Teach your child to say a simple please and thank you from an early age.

Treat even the littlest child with the same respect you would treat an important adult.

Help children to learn empathy.

Pass on compliments about your child’s positive behaviour toward others.

Help your child behave in public places.

Children can begin writing thank you notes for presents or special occasions from a very early age.

Agree on family rules for behaviour that are particularly important to you (perhaps on speaking politely & not swearing; table manners; inclusion of everyone; telling the truth; being on time). Say, "It’s a family rule that we don’t allow swearing in our house." 


 If you have any concerns or inquires please do not hesitate to contact me.


Julianne Price

Student Wellbeing /Student Services Leader

Ph. 96992928


Prep and Year One Parent Information Session

All Prep and Year One Parents/Guardians have been invited to attend an Information Session on Thursday June 29th from 9:00am-10:00am in the School Hall, presented by Patrice Wiseman. Patrice is a Learning Consultant in Behaviour with Catholic Education Melbourne. She will be working with the staff on the implementation of a positive approach to supporting and managing student behaviour.


During this session, parents will: reflect on their own parenting style, learn some great simple strategies and understand the behavioural support processes that are being implemented within the school environment.

This is a wonderful opportunity so please respond on CareMonkey as soon as possible.

Medical Consent

Students who need to take antibiotics, panadol, creams or any other one off medicines, must have a medical consent form filled out by a parent and given to the office with the medication. These forms are valid for one week and can be found on the website under the Student Wellbeing section or at the office.