Science News

Science Week 2021

National Science Week was held in August and we had some awesome things happening at Lowanna. The theme was ‘Food: Different By Design.’

Here is a snapshot of the week!


8A Pendulum Fun

Mrs. Hilli and students from 8A experimented with the large pendulum.



Can vegetables be re-grown? 

This is something we think you should try at home and let us know!


Year 7- Forces

Year 7 Science classes have been designing, making, and racing balloon-powered vehicles for their unit on Forces!








Have you ever put a Gummy Bear in water?

They expand, but why? 

Water moves from a low concentration of solutes (in this case sugar) to a higher concentration – so water moves into the Gummy Bear by a process called osmosis. Some of the sugar would have left the gummy and moved into the water, making the water sweet.


Maybe something to try over the school holidays! I wonder what they taste like?


Celery in Coloured Water

Another fun experiment that could be done at home.

 Why do the celery leaves turn the colour of the water they are in?

Answer: A process called transpiration literally pulls the water up through long vessels in the plant called xylem.