winter magic market – August 10th, 2-8pm

Seven weeks to go! Sincere apologies to the broader community regarding the change of date to the 10th of August but Winter Magic Market doesn’t happen without a strong team of awesome people and some of those awesome people were not going to be in the State on the 3rd, so it had to become the 10th of August.

We also wanted the Grade five and six kids and their wonderful teachers to be able to be part of the preparations and excitement, it’s a rite of passage to help set up the market on the Friday. They would have been away on school camp for the week before if we hadn’t moved the date back.


Meet the team: The Magic at the Winter Market won’t happen without the help of everyone in the school community but particularly important is the contribution of this amazing team of parents.


WMM Coordinator: Tanya Pittard,


Advertising artwork: Beci Orpin

WMM design and decorations: Erica Fisers, Magda Bors

Advertising signage and permits: Olli Nichols


Tea/hot chocolate/chai: Sally Quinn

American BBQ: Bruce Brown

Art Auction: Jane Eckett, Sam Everton, Andrew Lang

Art Bar: Paul Broadhurs

Baked Potatoes (replaces arvo tea stall in OHSC kitchen): Dee Coutts and Emma Bishop

Book Stall: Nirvana Adey, Katherine Lucy

Cake stall and treat stall: Sophie Bruce, Liz O'Neil, Linda Reiling, Naomi Wake

Circus equipment, glow sticks and toy stall: Tara Sanders and Grade 6

Coffee Cart: Jenna Wood and Tom Beaumont

Curries: Kris Bidenko and Tash Colengelo

Disco: Imogen Jubb, Beth Wilson and Raina Graham

Disco decorator: Raina Graham

Disco DJ's: Beth Wilson, Jarrod Roberts

Face Painting: Debbie Wood

Fire pits: Libby Harper

Hair Feathers: Kirsty McRobb

Indonesian food stall: Esti

Main Bar: Tamsin and Jason Downes, Lou Collodetti, Frank Hopkins

Mulled Wine: Tracey Hopkins and Rachel McKewen

Music: Jack Madin and Denis Phelan

Pancakes: Nina and Rod Dewar

Pizza: Theo Hartman, Jeff Newton, Mirko

Sausage sizzle: Coordinator needed please (All we need is someone to be there on the day to get the BBQ started and set the stall up and help the first shift of volunteers get going, then to be able to pop by during the market to answer questions and keep things running smoothly.)

Sourcing of random items: Jo Keeble

Tacos: Raph Raschid

Treat stall decorations: Coordinator needed please

Waste reduction: Diane Carpenter, Bec and Phil Hendy, Kristy Lee Tyrrell

If you would like to run the sausage sizzle or be in charge of decorating and setting up the treat stall or have an idea for a stall please contact Tanya asap as we need to finalise stalls and layout before term three commences.