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English Soiree 

If you told me we could drink tea, wear literal butterfly wings, walk & talk around with our friends, and enjoy some snacks all in one English lesson…I wouldn’t believe you. Yet on the Monday 4 March I didn’t have to believe it, because it really happened. 


As I walked into class holding my book, the first thing I witnessed was fairy lights dangling upon the 2.5 sign. The next was a picnic table with tea pots, tea leaves, milo, spoons and so many snack I couldn’t even count. The last thing I saw with my first step in the classroom were my 



friends’ wearing scarfs, and beads hanging around their necks. This room did not feel like a Nossal classroom, but a whole different world! 


When the teachers first explained how this whole lesson we could just relax and talk about our wider reading novels, I was puzzled. This was obviously not something that happened in an English classroom! However I was open to the idea, and so were my classmates. So after 10 minutes of eating, sipping tea, laughing, and chit-chatting about our wider reading novels, we had an activity. The activity was to create a twitter thread about Fantasy. Why you “should or should not study fantasy.” It was a conversation of different opinions on Fantasy and made the class have to engage with one other which was a great activity. 

All in all, many of us thought this was very creative and fun. It was a good change of pace and also very good to get the whole class interacting with each other about our favourite books! It was a memorable and engaging event that I’m sure everyone in that classroom would love to experience again. Hence why I thank Miss Webster for allowing us to have this great opportunity of a Soiree. This was an amazing success, and we would love to have others experience it as well. So, I hope we see you next time… in that wonderful new world! 


Brian Ranaweera

Year 10