Sporting News 

Mrs Amanda Bartholomew 


The children enjoyed the first session of Basketball last week with Matt Hobson from Tamworth Basketball Association. For most of our students it was their first go at the new courts which was a great experience. We look forward to learning new ball skills this week. 


Dates to Remember

Soccer Gala Day New Date - change again!

The Diocesan Gala Day will now be held on Friday 29th October (Term 4). A new permission note and call for help with carpooling will be sent out later in the term. Fingers crossed the weather and COVID will be kinder to us!


Diocesan Athletics Carnival

The Armidale Diocesan Athletics Carnival will be held on Friday the 13th of August at the Tamworth Regional Athletics Centre. This

carnival is a selection event for the Polding Athletics Carnival at the Hunter Sports Centre, Glendale, on Friday 10th September 2021. Notes have been sent home with those students who qualified. The events they qualified for are highlighted on the note. There was a typo on the note in regards to costing. The cost for participation is $8 which is to be made via the Qkr! App. All notes should have been returned to school. Nominations will be finalised this Friday 30th July. Circumstances around parents attending this event have changed. Please read the note sent home with  students who qualified for the carnival. I will be the supervising teacher in attendance. 


Armidale Diocesan Primary Sports Council Information

For all your Armidale Diocesan Primary Sports Council news you will find the link here. You can also 'like' the Armidale Diocesan Primary Sport Council Facebook page for the latest news and updates.


T3 Tennis

As Years 3/4/5/6 missed out on their final session with Mitch due to bad weather, we have booked the tennis courts for Wednesday the 25th of August. Students will travel to and from the courts by bus. 


Willow Tree Horse Sports

Unfortunately we have been informed by the Willow Tree Public School that they have decided to cancel their Horse Sports for 2021 due to the current COVID climate.  Refunds will be made to all participants as soon as they come through to us.