Religious Education

Mrs Wendy Rheinberger


Grandparents' Day Liturgy


Yesterday, students and staff welcomed Fr Vince to join us for a Liturgy celebrating grandparents and the elderly in our own families and in the community.  Fr Vince shared some of his own memories of his grandfather back in the Philippines, telling us about how he grew pineapples and farmed a rice plantation. We gave thanks for the wisdom of our grandparents and students took some time to write about the Top 10 Reasons they love their grandparents and older family members.  






Friday Mass:  No Mass this week          


Altar Serving will be put on hold until restrictions are lifted.  Thank you for your understanding and support.



Weekend Mass Times

Saturday  5pm (Quirindi)                               6:30pm (Werris Creek)

Sunday     8am (Willow Tree)                        9:30am (Quirindi)


God bless,

Mrs Wendy Rheinberger

Religious Education Coordinator