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2020 YEAR 12

A huge congratulations to our Year 12 students’…….

What an amazing achievement to complete your schooling in what has been a hugely challenging year. It has taken accountability, resilience, self-care, collaboration, and critical analysis which interestingly,  are required employability skills needed for our workforce….our year 12 students have nailed these skills this year, so well done.

On their last day, students were given a ‘School leavers pack’ which included information regarding Career support, resources to help along the way, TAFE enrolment processes, local government supports, and more.

Students can always contact Lowanna College in the future to seek support and guidance. It is very common for past students to contact us when they need help with course selections, resumes, or just general career guidance . My details are listed below.



Year 12 students are reminded, yet again, that they cannot enroll in a CSP (Commonwealth Supported Place) university course next year without a Tax File Number (TFN).  Students who do not have one are reminded to apply for a TFN online and have their identity verified through an interview at a participating Australia Post office. The link below has been provided for all students who need to apply for a TFN to access. To apply, and to find participating Post Offices visit:




A USI (Unique Student Identifier) is a reference number that creates an online record of your training and qualifications attained in Australia.  Current Year 12 students are reminded that you will need a USI number when applying for Commonwealth financial assistance when you enrol at university next year. Some students who have already been studying a VET subject may already have one and it is recommended students create or find their USI via, ahead of time.



Monash University offers a fantastic program called Monash Access Mentee Program. The aim of this program is for mentees to be individually matched with an experienced Monash University student who will be the students mentor throughout Year 11 and 12. Some of the benefits of having an individual mentor include a unique insight into university life, Invitations to special events and experiences, the opportunity to develop industry connections and get insights into your preferred career, new friends and contacts. This program is running in 2021 so if you are in Year 10 or Year 11 please come and see me for more information.

A special congratulations to Year 12 student Leila Raymond who has completed 2 years in the program. 



As Mr. Hogan has mentioned in past newsletters, our new partnership with Federation University is progressing nicely, with our Year 11 students now able to undertake a Year 12 university subject as part of their Year 12 VCE course. After an exhausting selection process to ensure students meet the prerequisites of Federation University, thirteen students have been successfully selected to be part of this program. Our students will be studying either a Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Information Technology, or a Bachelor of Accounting. 

A massive congratulations and good luck to the following students: Kain Absolom, Jack Brosnan, Chloe Grixti, Lara Marmara-Gillies, Isabelle McGuffie, Fletcher Nilsson, Michael Papanikolaou, Izabella Rosato, Kaylee Saddington, Amy Dawson, Damien Paul, Mi Krutbangyang, and Jessie Anderson.  

Last week a morning tea was held to acknowledge these students, whilst discussing the supports from both Lowanna College and Federation University to help students through this program. The students received a gift pack that contained Federation University merchandise including a lanyard, headphones, pens, a ruler, and more.



MY CAREER INSIGHT (Year 9 Morrisby Career Discovery tool)

My Career Insights is designed to help students discover, develop, and drive their career planning. It's a unique opportunity for them to learn more about their strengths and abilities while exploring potential career options – giving them the confidence to start taking control of their future.

During remote learning, our Year 9 cohort completed the Morrisby Careers online assessment. Now during the week Monday 9th November – Tuesday 17th November all students who completed their assessment will have an individualised 30-minute career discussions with an external independent Careers Counsellor. This gives the students an opportunity to talk one-on-one about any initial ideas and thoughts. This discussion will help them to set realistic goals and start putting actions in place to continue their career journey. All students can find their appointment time on their Compass schedule. Due to COVID restrictions parents will not be able to join the students for this session, however, if you would like to arrange a ‘Webex’ remote video session please make contact with the school so this can be arranged.



Free TAFE for priority courses gives more Victorians the chance to study at TAFE. More than ever, the skills we need to build our state are learned at TAFE. Free TAFE for priority courses reduces the financial barrier for students wanting to train in courses that lead to jobs in demand from Victorian employers. See the below link.



Head Start is an Apprenticeship and Traineeship pathway for school students aimed at giving them just that, a head start. Head Start allows students to undertake their VCE or VCAL for up to three years so they can spend more time in paid, on-the-job training to develop skills employers need. For general inquiries please contact our Headstart Coordinator Amanda McMahon on 0428 197 919 or 



Interested in becoming an apprentice? This website has great information and resources to support research regarding your career planning.

Looking for an apprenticeship? Here are a few job searches sites;






I am available as a support for students and parents with any questions or queries you have. Please feel free to contact me on 51279225 or