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Confirmation Parent Faith Formation Evening.

Sacrament of Confirmation Dates.  (COVID dependent)

  • Confirmation Rehearsal at St Patrick’s Cathedral on Thursday 21st October (School Excursion).
  • Sunday 24th October. Mass to commence at 2:30pm. Children receive the Sacrament of Confirmation at St Patrick’s Cathedral, 1 Cathedral Pl, East Melbourne. Student Candidates from Holy Trinity, Eltham North, St Francis Xavier, Montmorency and Our Lady Help of Christians, Eltham.


First Eucharist 2021


Dear Parents and Guardians,


Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions our Sacrament of First Eucharist program has been affected for the families whose son/daughter’s celebration was scheduled during periods of lockdown or restrictions to numbers gathering in the Church.  We would just like to thank everyone for their patience under these circumstances. We are totally under the control of the health authorities with regard to this active coronavirus.  If you are a family whose scheduled time has or will be affected due to Covid-19 restrictions at present or in the future. Please email the Parish office (eltham@cam.org.au) to reschedule another mass time.


In the meantime, in response to the request of families some reminders for the day of your child’s First Eucharist are:

  • Arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the commencement of your Mass time.
  • Find a seat up the front of the Church. Meet priest, calm your child’s nerves
  • Remind priest if your child needs a gluten free host or if there are any special needs
  • Your child will be directed by the Priest when it is time for their First Eucharist.

The child will stand before the Priest with their left hand over their right hand. 

The Priest will say, “The Body of Christ”. 


Your child will respond with, “Amen”.

We look forward to continuing working with and supporting you as you lead your child more fully into their faith journey in our parish community.  Many thanks for your continued support and commitment to the faith development of your child. 


Warm regards,


Michael F. Sierakowski



Kathy Toomey                                                                       

Education in Faith Leader/School Counsellor