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Creative Writing Club and Art Club Collaborative Book Launch

There are 365 days in a year. We all get the same amount, no doubt. But here’s the thing; it’s what we do within those said amount of days that really gets us pondering, “what’s next?”; forever hungry for more. We feel more accomplished getting tasks out of the way. Achieving awards. Obtaining acknowledgement for your work. It’s how I felt working with some of the best team members within Nossal. Within the Creative Writing Club, I was given the job to create something that would bring the Creative Writing Club name to shine within the school. And so all the leaders of the club, we spent, last year, at least weeks’ worth of planning towards a new project – it just so happened to be to publish an anthology of our members’ writings. A month the leaders spent collecting poetry and prose from our dedicated community, as well as creating our own.

With partnership with the Art Club and its wonderful members – we were enabled the opportunity to have illustrations accompanied with a few writing pieces.


Eventually, the CWC x Art Club Book was initially published within the second week of school this year, and celebrated only recently, on the same day as Cultural Dress Up Day; all those who attended the CWC’s recent meeting were presented with a small party – the ecstatic reactions of everyone made the whole effort of publishing the book so worth it. The event was marked as epitome of success, never-ending dedication and sheer passion for the continuation and preservation of, at least in my opinion, the best club at Nossal.


By Jashan Suran - Year 12

Creative Writing Club Leader