Annual IWD Assembly

The annual International Women's Day Assembly 2023 was held on Monday 6 March, with the theme #EmbraceEquity. 


Equity is key to embracing a world where people, regardless of circumstance, are valued and empowered, a world where it is diverse and inclusive.


We kicked off the assembly with 'Girl On Fire' by Alicia Keys, which we felt really embodied the idea of female empowerment, and how our passion for equity was thus reflected throughout the assembly.


Throughout the assembly, we had many inspiring and powerful speeches, that unpacked the notion of Equity and how we as a school community might bring about change. Various students from the Art Club, the Creative Writing Club, the K Dance Club, the Bollywood Club were invited to showcase some of their work, which they have poured time and effort into creating.


Formation is grateful that we as female leaders in the community are given the chance to shine and to showcase our talent across all fields which could not have been done without the hard work that everyone involved has put in to make the assembly a success. We would like to thank Dr Schroor & Ms De Zylva, for your constant feedback. Ms Winton and Mr. Bird for your help with the Acknowledgement of Country.  Ms Budd for your assistance with the musical performances. Ms. Mackin for your moving speech. 


And last but certainly not least, the time and effort that Formation's Executive Team & our presenters put into their remarkable performances, the Sunday afternoon tears and nagging.


Bernice Choo

Formation Year 12 Leadership Representative

Creative Writing Club Contribution

Nossal's incredibly talented Creative Writing Club will be submitting writing pieces to share with our community in the newsletter.  


This issue's pieces have an International Women's Day theme...

On My Own

By Ann Henry Year 10

I thought I would find my Prince Charming. To whisk me away from this nightmare, to take me by my hands, and run away together. We’d build a family, and the kids would take his last name. But I took off the rose-coloured lenses. And I looked in the mirror, mascara running down my cheeks. I realised he wasn’t coming. I realised I don’t need him. I can do it on my own. Why would I need to run away, when I can face the world head-on? If I can walk in heels, I can do anything. I can raise a family, I can build an empire on my own. Why, other women have done it before. MY children can take MY last name. And to everyone who says I could never dream on my own, as a woman, remember who gave you life.

Mama, I'm Going To Write A Revolution

By Jashan Suran Year 12

In the land of five rivers, the majestic land of eternal kingdoms,

My mother wore a veil over her head

And marched to the Delhi border



In the land of ancient civilisations and wondrous mythology,

My mother spent cold winter nights awake

Calculating food portions for the next day

Until the winter solstice would lull her to sleep

In pity.


In the land of folklore and yellow mustard fields,

My mother made me her little farmer

And handed me a pen and wax paper

I looked up to her and I gave the paper life.


In the land of folk dances and gurudwaras encrusted in gold,

My mother wore a veil over her head

And marched to the Delhi border



But the authorities only boasted their power,

With tanks and machines.

In the midst of the numbing winter,

They called my mother a ‘feminazi.’


I was furious, I was choking back tears, I was humiliated because

If they associated my mother with them, they associated me with a group I never intended to be

And I can guarantee, Mama,

It silenced me

But it did not censor the rage simmering in my soul

The paper you once gave me, I turned it into a scroll

Of emotive poetry and raw prose


Mama, listen! Do you think I’m a good farmer?

Look, I’ve even adorned myself with your armour.

You wait, mother, can you hear me yell your name?

I wish you could see this; it’s humorous, look at the audience I will inevitably tame.