Finals for Theatre Sports were held at Hillcrest Christian College. A solid effort from our theatre sports teams made the final decision very close. Our senior team came in third place, out of the five teams who made the finals. And our juniors scored equal first with Maranatha, but were beaten in the tie breaker, that saw the trophy awarded to Maranatha for 2019. It was a great result all round with some outstanding performances delivered by everyone!



Report of the Generations in Jazz trip to Mount Gambier - by Rachael Song Music Captain (11E)


"On Friday, the 3rd of May, 29 students woke up bright and early to embark on the trek down to Mount Gambier. After the five-hour long drive (phew!) and a few toilet stops along the way, we made a quick landing in our accommodation for the weekend before making our way over the hill to the festival. The first concert we attended that night introduced us to the guests that would showcase this year including Lizz Wright and Kurt Elling - both world renowned vocalists, Joey deFrancesco - awarded ‘best b3 player’ by the Jazztimes and Rickey Woodard - who played in Ray Charles’ band for several years as well as The Capp-Pierce Juggernaut as a jazz saxophonist.


We also enjoyed hearing from the highly acclaimed performance ensemble all the way from the Herbie Hancock institute of jazz in California. Among all the international visitors it was a joy for the returning students to see the familiar faces of James Morrison, Ross Irwin and the GIJ big band. A hop, skip and a jump later it was competition day; the day we had been working and waiting for for the past 7 months.

The St. Andrews Jazz Band was up first thing in the morning in Division 5 - a non-competitive division that encourages emerging bands. Second for the day was the Division 2 vocal ensemble - Euphonix - the fourth year most of these students had attended. Third came the Division 3 vocal ensemble - Voxology - the third year for most of these students and finally (after a fulfilling lunch) the newly formed VCE vocal group competing in the open small division. That night was another filled with awesome arrangements and stunning jazz compositions that left us smiling all the way home.


The Generations in Jazz festival and competition always finishes with a bang and this year was no different. All guests returned to the stage for their final performances as well as the super-bands (comprised of the most promising musicians from each division) and scholarship finalists (for the James Morrison Academy of Music). In between the glorious performances were the results - a highly anticipated moment for all 10,000 musicians in the tent. Although none of our ensembles placed, Noel Abrahams was awarded the most promising drummer from division 5 - the prize being a $300 cymbal piece (Woo!). Later on we found out that the Division 2 group came 13th, the Division 3 group came 16th and finally the VCE group placed 4th, a fantastic reward for all the hard work from all the students and teachers involved. The trip was a peek into the music industry and the potentials to be reached by any one of us. We can’t wait for next years competition - no doubt even more talent to be showcased and an encouragement to everyone considering being involved - the invitation is open to all."


Again, congratulations to  Noel Abraham for winning the Yamaha Drummers Award in his division and being awarded a professional drummers cymbal for his effort. An amazing achievement. Well done Noel, everyone at St Andrews Christian College is proud of you! 


Thank you to everyone!

Luke Batty - Director of Music


We had our first band rehearsal for our Concert Band Scholarship Programme. This programme replaced the Year 5 Band Programme and has been aimed at recruiting keen and enthusiastic instrumentalists who want to make a 2 year commitment to learning an instrument and participating in an ensemble, ranging in age from Year 3 to Year 6. The students have had a term of lessons on their instruments and by now they can confidently play AT LEAST 6 notes  - the challenge for 'getting the band together' is that the first 6 notes are not the same on each instrument! Everybody did super well, and all the students were really excited to see all the different instruments and when we all played the same pitch note AT THE SAME TIME it was AMAZING!! 



'Scenes from Metamorohoses'

It’s time for another opportunity to see our fabulous students unleash their awesome theatre talents!

This year the Year 11 Theatre Studies class will be presenting ‘Scenes from Metamorphoses’. A play that centres around a group of laundresses who tell each other stories from Ovid’s Metamorphoses – ancient Roman myths. Some are happy, some are tragic, some are hilarious. But there are lessons to be learned from each of these fables.

Performances are NEXT WEEK

Tuesday 21st May  5:15pm or 7:15pm

Wednesday 22nd May 7:15pm

Tickets are $6, and available from trybooking:

The show will go for less than an hour.


The students in the class are:

Katelyn Farmer, Karin Siahay, Becky Schenker, Tiffany Adam, Lachlan Ahearn, Amy Muggeridge, Chloe Iskandar, Isabella Rakers, Amber Swank, Raelyn Ooi and Jolie Wong.


I guarantee that you will come away saying “wow, I didn’t know that kid could act!” and also marvelling at some of the beautiful visuals and design work.

Get your ticket now! We sold out last time!


Kathryn Brown - Senior School & Drama Teacher

YEAR 3's "WOW"


On a day where Mrs Darlison, Mrs Albertus and Miss Elliott were feeling like they might become sodden from torrential downpours, the year 3s set off for McClelland Art and Sculpture Gallery, complete with umbrellas and yellow rain jackets, sketch pads, pencils and backpacks.


The day did prove to be overcast, with only a smattering of rain, but that did not stop the children from enjoying an Art experience to be remembered at the Gallery! Led by our highly knowledgeable hosts, Imogen and Gus, we experienced sculptures that played music, moved eerily with the wind and looked like they had been transported from some suburban street corner into the bush by a freak tornado were on the visual menu as well as interactive pieces that could be climbed into and explored. What a feast for the senses we had!


The children were also able to explore their own creative capabilities outdoors by way of using natural materials such as branches, leaves and bark to create ‘ephemoral’ art pieces which would subsequently be demolished by wildlife, weather and other visitors to the Gallery over time. Indoors, the children also had the opportunity to create more works of fine art through the use of crayons and water colours. We, the teachers, were ever impressed by the talent emerging from these young ones.


Many thanks to the Gallery for having us there for the day; to the parent who came along to help and to the wonderful Mrs Darlison for organizing such a treat for us to enjoy. Following are some of the comments expressed by the children regarding the day.


“The excursion was very fun. We went to a sculpture museum called McClelland Art and Sculpture Gallery. It was a very good gallery. There was an instrument that played by the wind, there was a very cool one that had metal strings holding up about 30kg of stones! There also was a place with some balls and some of them were hollow! We had our lunchtime over there. We also did some drawing. I liked The Giving Tree picture the most. There was also a broken street part in the gallery, it looked like it flew and landed in the gallery.”

 - Jincheng Li


“On the 2nd of May grade three went to McClelland Art and Sculpture Gallery. There we saw lots of amazing sculptures. So there was a giant ape or monkey sculpture and there was even one we could go inside of.” 

Minea Leivo


“The year threes went on an art excursion today and it was amazing! We got to see about 50 different sculptures. There was even one which you could go into. There was a small house and when you go into it, if you look up you see lots of stars even if it’s daytime!” 

Nathan Elbourne


“At McClelland Art and Sculpture Gallery I was fascinated by the interesting sculptures and the beautiful art inside the gallery. I enjoyed the oil pastel and water colour and I was surprised that water actually doesn’t mix with oil!” 

- Gabriel Liu


“On Thursday, May 2nd we went to the wonderful McClelland Art and Sculpture Gallery. Our guide was Imogen. She first showed us the sculptures and talked about them. My favourite one was some tubes that made noises. After recess we went inside and drew some pictures with water colour. We also did some sketching with pencils. We sketched all kinds of sculptures.

- Abygail Xiao


“We went to an art gallery. It was called McClelland Art and Sculpture gallery. Our tourist guide was called Imogen. She showed us lots of things. My favourite activity was making our own sculpture. My group made a fire place. We called ours the “Open Art Fire”. I had lots of fun on the excursion.” 

- Annabel Russell.