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Killester College Guided Tours

The first Monday of each month – 9.00am. 

Additional dates - August 8th and 15th, 2022.


To book a tour, go to the Killester Website and click the "Tour Bookings" on the Homepage.



Class Reunion


Alumni Reunion 

There will be a 30 year Reunion on Sunday 13th November  2.00 - 5.00pm for the class of 1992. Details are available from Kylie Taberner here at the school.



Loreto Cannon

AP: Engagement, Operations and Transition

Front Office Reminders



Please be advised that the College now has an automated telephone answering system:


When phoning the College you will be asked to select from the following:



Press 1 for School Payments (e.g. School Fees, Music Lessons, Bus Fees etc)

Press 2 for Accounts Payable 

Press 3 for College Enrolments

Press 4 for I.T. Support

or Hold for Reception (This option is also to report a student absence)



Please make sure your daughter signs in at the Front Office if she is late to school. If she does not sign in at the Front Office you will receive an SMS asking to explain her absence.



If your daughter is going to be absent from school for any reason please make sure you ring the Front Office to inform them, preferably before 9.00 am. The Front Office staff will then mark your daughter’s roll accordingly so you do not receive an SMS.



If your daughter is leaving school early for any reason, please make sure she has a signed note from Parent/Guardian to give to her Homeroom Teacher in the morning. Your daughter needs to then bring that signed note with her to the Front Office at the time of her departure. It is your daughter’s responsibility to come to the office at the time arranged for pick up. Students are NOT PERMITTED to make their own way home or to an appointment. A Parent or Guardian MUST come into the front office to pick up the student. Students are asked NOT to make contact with Parents/Guardians directly via their mobile phone, to arrange to go home while at school as use of their mobile phone is not permitted. This contact will be made by Front Office or teaching staff.



Learn To Speak English While You Make New Friends 

Are you too shy to talk to people because you cannot speak English very well? Well you can improve your English because Killester College runs a ‘Conversational English Class for adults’ every Monday morning at 10:00am till 12:00pm during school term, for parents, family members and friends.  Classes are fun, where you are safe to try your new language skills in a friendly place. You will learn words that you may use everyday while at the same time make new friends who will encourage you to talk in English.  We also talk about things that are happening in our community.  


We would love you to join us to help improve your English and at the same time have lots of fun.  Mondays 10.00am till 12.00pm in the Family Learning Centre at Killester College. Please contact Loreto Cannon at the College or via email at to book.  We hope to see you there.


Jacqui Adams

Volunteer Tutor Conversational English


Important Dates

Sustainability & Environment Week


Monday 8th August

Debating at Haileybury College

Peer Support Period 4

SCSA Soccer @ Darebin

Year 7 & 8 PE- Springvale Indoor Sports (in class time)


Tuesday 9th August

Year 11 PD Day

Women in the Bible session- Accreditation Chapel

Year 7, 8 & 9 PE- Springvale Indoor Sports (In class time)


Wednesday 10th August

Year10 PE- Springvale Indoor Sports (In class time)


Thursday 11th August

Justice & Democracy Camp

Year 11 P3&4 Incursion 

Year 7&8 WONDER- Project Runway P1-3 Excursion- Chadstone

Year 9 WONDER P5&6 Incursion 


Friday 12th August

Justice & Democracy Camp

No Year 9 classes

Year 11&12 VCAL Excursion- All day- Melb Museum- Road to Zero

Year 8 PE- Springvale Indoor Sports (In class time)

Year 9 Indonesian Excursion- CERES- All day

Year 9 Italian Excursion- All day


Monday 15th August

NEWSLETTER & School Tour

Peer Support P5


Tuesday 16th August

Year 8&10 PE- Springvale Indoor Sports (In class time)

SCSA Netball @ Parkville Jun, Inter, Senior A, B & C Teams only

Women in the Bible session- Accreditation Chapel

Year 11&12 VCAl Incursion P5&6 City of Greater Dandenong


Thursday 18th August

Junior SEGAP

Women in the Bible session- Accreditation Chapel

Wonder - Bondi Vet - RSPCA Experience (TMC & MKE)

Year 10 P&P Incursion All day (FS)

Year 11 P1 Assembly- ProjectGenZ (Theatrette)

Year 9 WONDER P5&6 Incursion- Alcohol & Drugs Education


Friday 19th August

Year 7, 2024 Applications close


Saturday 20th August

Interviews for 2024 Day 1