Junior School Report

News from Year 7 Coordinator

- Ms. Rebekah Vass

On the 26th March the school celebrated Harmony Day. It was great to see so many Junior School Students participating in the assembly, demonstrating all of our individual identity’s coming together as one.

In the junior school we have so many students making their way up “Mount Westall”. We will soon be awarding those students achieving the Bronze Certificate by achieving 25 Westall points. Parents and students make sure you are checking your compass to see how many points you have! Keep up the positive work.

What a term it has been! All of the Year 7 cohort have settled in really well to life at Westall Secondary College. You have all learnt so much in your first 8 weeks of secondary school. You have become masters at opening those lockers, and finding your way around. We also have become masters at loosing uniform or equipment! Please make sure if you have lost something to come see me in my office to collect. It was fantastic to see you all participate and support your house at the schools swimming sports; Go Dennis! I also saw many new friendships formed and flourish. Please make sure you take some time to relax over the break, spending time with family and friends before we head back for another busy term!


Ms. Rebekah Vass

News from Year 8




- Ms. Anna Papagiannopoulos

Hello Junior School!

What an amazing term it’s been.  A definite highlight has been the Junior School Camp to Foster and Camp Rumbug.


We had a lot of ‘fun’ trekking around the camp but we definitely loved all the different activities.  Like the Flying Fox, the Canoeing (featuring our friend Harry the Huntsman), the Tree Climbing, and the Mud Run!


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are more than a few pictures!


At the end of it, I think we can all say - let’s ‘leaf’ that hill behind!

Miss P.


Camp Rumbug

"Good morning all, today and the next few days are going to be loads of fun" pronounced Miss Paget as she was arranging us all into the Balook Centre.

The day began with most of the Year 7 and 8 students preparing for the most jam-packed 3 days of their lives. of course, we started the adventure with rules and expectations of the three days. We then all boarded the bus. farewelling our fellow students who were missing out on the adventure.


We arrived at Camp Rumbug after a duration of 2 hours and 10 minutes on the bus.


We were then welcomed by the staff members of Camp Rumbug. It was a warm welcome if you ask me. Our camp rumbug leaders Jess, Maurice, and Lachie gave us a tour around campus. We were all excited to begin our adventure.

We then arrived at our accommodation. As the staff unloaded our bags we played a game which was to accompany each other by our team members throughout the three-day adventure.


The students and teachers were then escorted to their overnight accommodation. The boys slept in the tents for the first night however the girls slept in the tents the second night. As well as the girls were able to sleep in the cabins the first night furthermore the boys slept in the cabins the second night.


The activities consisted of Flying Fox, Open Canoeing, Aeroball, Raft Building, Mud Run Also Tree Climbing. The groups also enjoyed Team Building activities, Low ropes course as well as Team Challenges. After Dinner Activities consisted of Campfire and Marshmallows, Wacky Races as well as Yoga.


Our cuisine included on the first night Pasta as well as apple crumble for dessert. For breakfast the next morning we enjoyed Scrambled eggs, Bacon, Fruit, and Toast. Lunch consisted of Wraps with Tuna, Chicken, and Ham as well as Salad. Dinner that night included Chicken Schnitzel with either Tomato Paste, Cheesy Sauce or a Vegetarian option as well as Salad. For breakfast the next morning we ate Pancakes, Cereal or Fruit.


All together both the teachers and students bonded with one another like never before. We were involved with each other. We all have created new friendships with each and most of all we will remember and cherish every moment that we enjoyed with each other during those 3 days


We all sadly said our farewells to Camp Rumbug never forgetting the adventures we experienced on our way home to our warm bed and family.


Larni Fountain 7C