From the Classroom


On my return to school from my 8 weeks Long Service Leave, I was greeted with beautiful smiles and excitement.  Thank you for your warm welcomes. It was lovely and I felt the love. 

Our Swimming Program is in our first week back at Aquamoves. Our time slot in the pool is 12:45pm until 1:30pm.  You are welcome to attend. Any assistance/help in the change room would be more than welcomed!!

Please have your child’s bathers and towel in a strong bag that can be closed or zipped.  I actually thought the ASHEfest bag would make an ideal one for this occasion. It is important not to have your child’s bathers under their school clothes. This can create all sorts of problems, especially with using the bathroom/toilet.  The Foundation students will have plenty of time to change beforehand.

We will eat lunch prior to leaving and we will have snack time on our return.

Enjoy the September holidays and hopefully we will have some warmer weather to allow time for outside activities. I am looking forward to a productive Term 4 and preparing the students for Grade One in 2023.

Enjoy some of the photos of our last 2 weeks learning. We have focused on counting by 2s, odd and even numbers, Letters Qq and Kk. We also created a diagram of the body parts of a Koala, using gum leaves to decorate it was a highlight.

Somers Camp

Welcome back to Mrs Thorn and the Grade 5/6 students who attended Somers Camp. The program was fun filled and they all had a fantastic time.