Learning and Teaching 

Visit from the Mayor of  the City of Maribyrnong

By Jemima Nicholls and Sophie Cataldo on behalf of the Year 5 and 6 Community


On the 22nd February 2021 Cr Michael Clark, the Mayor of Maribyrnong, visited the  Year 5 and 6 Community of CCK. Cr Clark first talked about different cultures and how we can be inclusive to others. A fun fact we found out was that there are over 120 cultures in Maribyrnong. Cr Michael Clark also spoke about the number of solar panels on houses and buildings in Maribyrnong.

After that, he explained why it is important to respect others and be kind. He said that it was important to treat others how we would like to be treated. He also spoke about putting more bike lanes in to get people riding and to decrease the number of cars on the roads.

Michael Clarke asked us for our ideas to improve our community. 

Some of the ideas from the Year 5/6 community were:

  • More bike lanes
  • Community activities
  • More cultural festivals
  • Donating more to goodwill
  • More bins
  • More trees
  • Cat curfew
  • More solar panels
  • More sporting grounds

We found the session with the mayor really interesting and found out some interesting information about Maribyrnong. Children don’t often get a chance for their ideas to be heard. Mayor Michael Clarke said that we could email any important ideas to improve our community to him.


Deborah Courtney

Director of Learning and Teaching