Green Team News

Green Team

The Green Team have welcomed back our regular members as well as lots of new members for 2021. Thank you to all of the students who applied for Green Team leadership positions and a big congratulations to the following students:


Green Team Captains

Charlie Parker and Bonnie Salt


Year Level Green Team Captains

Year 11  – Taulani Salt and Kayley Hazendonk

Year 10 – Charlize Sadlo and Poppy Treadwell

Year 9 – Amira Dika and Kiera Mathews

Year 8 – Amy Frood and Ebony Rose Hunt

Year 7 – Lindsay Randall and Aliylah Ryan


In the garden this term we have been busy pulling out the weeds as well as collecting lemons, apples, rhubarb and sunflower seeds. In the kitchen we have made one of our favorites, apple and rhubarb crumble as well as apple and cinnamon muffins. 


We have a new meeting place every Thursday afterschool and Friday lunchtime which is R23 (opposite the school vegetable garden).


For this year’s School’s Clean Up Australia Day the Green Teamers, student leaders and members of our school community spent a Friday lunch time cleaning up the oval and surrounding wildlife corridor. Thank you to all of you that volunteered your time. We picked up an overwhelming amount of single use plastic zipper lock bags and small chip packets.