Senior School News

Year 10 Report 

We are the four Year 10 Captains:


Robby Wood-Ingram, Holly Bugeja, Cydni Gardner and Mackenzie Duncan




Year 10 is an exciting year, with new opportunities and pathways into VCE and VCAL and other careers. This is the first year back after returning from online/remote learning which had taken away almost a whole school year for everyone. We are all so happy to be back face-to-face with each other, growing and learning together.


During online learning everything was done on laptops, cameras off and often in bed. Learning to sit at a desk for 70 minutes again and handwriting essays all still seems quite daunting, but with everyone’s support it is slowly becoming easier to do.


There are many exciting events coming up for Year 10 students: for example, the Central Australia trip at the end of Term 2 and the Year 10 Formal in Term 3. In our Pastoral Sessions we have just finished learning about Road Safety, practised our driving using a Driving Simulator, and started studying and practising for our Learners Permit. We have also spent some time learning about different study techniques and how to cope with the rigours of Year 10, whilst also being lucky enough to have tutors help us during lunchtimes once a week.


The College has just had our annual Athletics and Swimming Carnivals, which are slowly adding ‘normal’ back into school life and helping us to get back into a routine. 


There are a lot of exciting things in plan for Year 10 we are all looking forward to a fantastic 2021!

VET Sport Recreation - First Aiders

On Wednesday March 3rd, VET SPORT RECREATION students completed their Level II First Aid and Responding to Emergency Situations qualifications, a culmination of theory and practical based tasks in an intensive day’s training. 


Students were required to successfully demonstrate active CPR skills for 2+ minutes – for both adults and infants, as well as actively demonstrating wounds and sprains/breaks management; snake bite compression bandages and many other vital skills required for active first aid. 


We now successfully have a further 25 fully qualified First Aiders in the College. Congratulations to all who completed their qualifications 😊.


Beginning their final year of secondary college, the Senior VCAL class of 2021, have participated in units based on developing their leadership and teamwork skills in order for them to better apply these in their future workplace situations. The focus this term has been on developing and putting into application many transferable skills vital for becoming an active and desired member of the workforce, such as active communication and listening skills; collaboration; initiative and planning and organising. 


Exercises such as Marshmallow Challenges; Two Truths and a Lie, and Obstacle Courses were embarked upon here, with students demonstrating these skills, and relating these to real ‘work/life’ situations. 


This unit is drawing to a close with our VCAL students completing a day’s initiative/leadership and teamwork based exercises in a fun teamwork and leadership day at YMCA Camp Manyung, Mt Eliza on April 1st.