Principal's Report


First term was a great success, the tone around our school and the focus of our students on their learning is to be congratulated.  Similarly, the commitment and willingness of our students to participate in the many co-curricular activities on offer, including sailing, swimming, Arts week, technology, and the performing arts enhancement programs to name a few, has been outstanding. We have had significant growth in student participation in these programs again in recent months, and the efforts of the cross section of staff involved as well as the participation of our students, should be applauded.

Dromana College 2021 Captains

Congratulations to Lilly Snow, Ginger Sansom, Coen Raymond and Olivia Wicks on becoming our 2021 College Captains. When students apply for this leadership role, it is a multi-faceted process which includes staff voting, student voting, interviews and written applications. Our students are to be congratulated on their successful positions.



Attitudes to School Survey 2020 

Student voice is integral to guiding the actions and activities of our daily practice. Each year our Year 7-12 students complete the Attitude to School Survey which provides us with valuable data regarding the effectiveness of our teaching and learning programs, levels of 



student learning confidence, students’ sense of connectedness as well as feedback across a range of other measures. In 2020 the results from this survey were testament to the commitment we saw from all members of our college community during a year that required us to adapt like never before. 


These results affirm our belief that students at Dromana College are happy, experiencing growth with their learning and view themselves as valued members of our school community. 


I am incredibly proud to share the results from this survey with you.


Swimming and Athletics Carnivals

The annual whole school swimming and athletics carnivals were held this term and I would like to congratulate Ms Emma Morrison on the organisation of these events.  All students and staff in attendance commented positively about the day, such occasions are invaluable to the enhancement of school spirit and it was fantastic to see such a significant attendance and participation from all students, particularly our senior students.


Open Night

The Dromana College Open Night for prospective Grade 6 families will be held on Tuesday 27 April 2021 commencing at 6:00pm in the Basketball Stadium.  The night is being organised by our Assistant Principal Mrs Brooke Mollenkopf, and all staff and some students will be involved. It is hoped that this evening will give parents an opportunity to seek answers regarding their child’s secondary education and the opportunities that we can provide. Personally I enjoy this evening and see it as an opportunity for the College to celebrate all the great things that the students, staff and families of the college achieve.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Monday 29 March 2021 was set aside for Parent Teacher Interviews between the times of 12:00noon – 8:00pm. This was a student free day and consequently students were not required to attend classes on this day but were strongly encouraged to attend interviews with their families. The purpose of these interviews is to support student academic progress, and it is an important opportunity for parents, students and teachers to discuss how the academic year is progressing for each student.

Easter Holidays

Students will be dismissed from school for the Term 1 and Easter break at 2:30pm on Thursday 1 April 2021.  I wish all our families a safe holiday over the Easter period.