Student Well-being 

Community: Year 5/6 

Domain: Well-being : The Corpus Christi Behavioural Matrix 


In Well-being this term, the Year 5/6 Community have been focusing on The Corpus Christi Behavioural Matrix, which looks closely at expected behaviours across our school. In class we have been looking at the different domains and breaking these open. We as a community believe it is important to have a shared and consistent understanding of these. The criteria we reviewed were: 

  • The classroom and how we have a right to learn
  • The playground and how we have a right to feel safe
  • The toilet and how we have a right to be respected
  • Lining up and how we have a right to be part of a happy and peaceful school
  • Online and how we have a right to be safe 
  • Our eating area and where we work in a safe, clean and comfortable environment. 

After having reviewed the matrix,  in small groups students selected one domain they felt needed the most practice. In pairs, the students rehearsed and role-played how these duties have been currently carried out and what they should ideally look like. These role plays not only brought a great sense of humour to the community but they re-hashed the expectations of the school’s behaviours. Well done Year 5/6 students!


Better Buddies Visits

It has been an absolute pleasure visiting The Hive Kindergarten throughout this term!


Last week Luke, Ethan, Kate, Ayva, Zac, Kaea and Kian participated in a wonderful gardening activity. They chose from a range of seeds, and then assisted the kindergarten children in planting and taking care of their plants so they can grow! They popped their pots in the greenhouse and in a few months, the kinder kids will have some fresh homegrown veggies to enjoy!


 The children then had the opportunity to have some free play time with the children. 


Zac enjoyed playing 'families' in the kitchen, Ayva built sandcastles and Ethan and Luke used building blocks to design all sorts of awesome creations.


We are incredibly proud of how our Year 5/6 students represent Corpus Christi and how well they work with the kinder children.


Thank you again to the wonderful Nerissa at The Hive for always having such wonderful learning experiences ready for our students to engage in!


Lauren Borg

e-Learning/Student Well-being Leader