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EXTEND UPDATE.                  






Science: Ice Cream in a Bag ExperimentMaking Fresh LemonadeScience-Disco Ball Play DoughScience: Fruity Alarm Clock Experiment


The Extend Superstar is…

Nicola... for being very mature, responsible and assisting her peers.


What’s Been Happening?

What an amazing first week back at Extend, we explored a range of science, art, sport and cooking activities. A highlight was watching a balloon filled with air from the reaction between bi-carbonate soda and vinegar. However, our pasta did not seem to dance during the dancing spaghetti experiment! The chocolate bowls we made from balloons were very delicious! We love playing rounds of ping-pong and board games together.  Our delicious fruit smoothies refreshed us during the warm weather, the students kindly served them up to their peers. In before school care we enhanced our cooking skills by making our own home cooked breakfast and whipping up some french toast.


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