Classroom News 

Year 5 6 Transition Program 


By Huy Pham


The moment I stepped into the school grounds last week was the most excitement I felt in seven weeks! Kinda’ strange though; casual clothes, being over at the presbytery, then the activities began.


With the sound of the school bell, every child rushed to get inside, the 3 / 4’s bolted inside, the new Preps and 1 / 2’s lined up in wait of their teachers, as the 5/6 students stood in front of the office.


Marty appeared, as did Amanda, Jenny and Amalie, our teachers for 2020. We stepped across the street where Marty led us to the holy place that is the presbytery. Inside was huge!! On the outside, it didn’t look more than a normal house! The entrance was a little dark, but nothing to worry about for sure.


After prayer, we got straight into finishing off last year’s transition work about our hopes and dreams for 2020. After a few facilitated discussions with the teachers, we began the ‘Getting to Know You’ activity. It was as loud as an angry mum to their child as if they hadn’t cleaned their room! It was fun.


After all the commotion we had morning tea, nice food and thirty minutes playtime.

The next session we had Belinda explain to us the six new Learning Dispositions for 2020; Self-Managing, Creativity, Curiosity, Respect, Resilience and Responsibility. After that we has Drama with Amalie. We split into pairs and my partner was Connor. We had to do a role play showing one of the Dispositions. Ours was a little funny.


After lunch it was too hot so we came back to the air-conditioned classrooms where Marty let us play board games when we came in. I’m still undefeated at chess……