Principal News

Dear Sacred Heart Community

As we draw to a close on our second week of the term, I would like to congratulate all our students for the way they have commenced the school year. The teachers are very happy with the focus and commitment of their students, as they meet the challenges of their new school year.


Meet our 2020 School Leaders

I would like to introduce our school leaders for 2020, to our school community. Whilst they were announced at the end of last year, we have many new members join our community at the start of this year. I firmly believe that you do not need a badge to be a leader, and as such, all our senior students are leaders in their own right. However, these four students have been recognised by their peers and staff for their qualities, they will be asked to draw on these, as they have a very important role to play within our school during 2020.



Georgia: "I am always willing to give up my time to help anyone who needs help. I will always stick up for the right thing. I want to make sure that everyone is friendly to each other and always help one another."

Connor: " I think I let anyone join in games with me. I think I am respectful and nice to the teachers, students and parents. I want to give up my time to help students and teachers when they need help."

Vice Captains

Alana: "I am able to stand up for other students and I will respect all other students and teachers. I want to make sure in this school that all students help each other despite who they are and whether they are friends or not."

Huy: "I am willing to help others at any cost. I like to help others like the teachers with jobs. As a school vice captain I will make sure that all students are safe in the yard and know they can come up to me with any problems concerning other students."


Parents and Friends Meetings


Our first Parents and Friends meeting will be held next Friday 14th February in the staff room. The meeting will commence at 9.00 am and will finish by 9.45 am. The Parents and Friends Committee is a great way to be involved in the life of the school. The committee itself plays a very  important part  in helping create a sense of community within our school. On behalf of Jodi our Parents and Friends President, I warmly welcome any new and existing parents and guardians to join us at the first meeting. (Please note: toddlers are very welcome at our meetings)


Unexplained absences

A reminder to all parents, that our state government has legislated that schools must make contact with the families of any students

 who are absent from school without an explanation. We ask that if your child is going to be absent from school that you email your child's teacher, use the skoolbag app or ring our school office. Your cooperation with this will be greatly appreciated.


Lunch orders

Lunch orders will recommence next Wednesday 12th February. Like last year, we have an agreement with the canteen staff at the Parade Preston campus, who will supply lunches on a Wednesday. Lunch orders need to be submitted by the day before ie Tuesday by 3.20pm. We ask that orders be written on a paper bag with your child's name and classroom. The lunch orders proved to be very popular last year with their emphasis on healthy food. The menu with prices can be found on the "Special Events" page of this newsletter.


Friday Icy Pole Sales

A big thank you to Jodi and the Parents and Friends Committee, who gave all our students a free icy pole last Friday, to celebrate the start of the school year. Icy poles will be sold this Friday and each Friday until the end of the term. The Icy poles sell for $1.00.



School Facebook Page

A great way of staying abreast of what is happening in our school, is through our school facebook page. If you have facebook, I encourage you to request access as have many families over the past eighteen months. So far this year, Marty has posted twice on the Year 5/6 transition days and I posted last week, about the start of the school year with some photos of our Year Preps and Year 3/4 students working hard.


Yours Sincerely

Mark Tierney


Lids for Limbs


Dear Parents and Guardians, late last year you will remember we started collecting plastic bottle tops for the "Lids for Limbs" campaign. These bottle tops are recycled to make prosthetic limbs for children who have a missing limb. We feel that this is such an important thing to do, that we are going to continue collecting bottle tops until the end of second term. We really encourage all our families to collect their plastic lids and bring them to our school.

Alana and Huy (School Vice Captains)