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The Transition Program at Malvern Primary School takes many forms.  We have the traditional Pre School to Prep Program, whole school transition for the current Year Prep to 5 students, the selection of 2020 school leaders and the program that supports our exiting Year 6 students as they prepare for the new chapter of their lives at Secondary School. The purpose of the program is to reduce the anxiety felt by students as to what the new school year may bring.

Our role in preparing our students for the next year will include classroom experiences, becoming familiar with other staff (who may or may not be the teachers in that level next year) and becoming familiar with other buildings or rooms in the school.  The program will continue in to the beginning of the new year as our students settle in to their new learning environments and are provided with induction programs to support their orientation to the new year level.

On the last day of the 2020 school year our students will be introduced to their new teacher and class mates (for the 2020 Preps, this will happen on the last Transition session).

Parents have been invited to share their thoughts on the social needs of their child/ren (which closed last Friday), in order to assist staff to create the best possible classes for 2020.  As parents will appreciate this is not an easy task as we balance the needs of all the students across each year level. 

Parents can assist their child/ren with the transition process by talking to their child about the new school year and being positive about the changes they will experience, listen to the concerns they may have and help them to develop strategies, talk to them about making friends, set your child up for a successful beginning of the year by maintaining routines over the summer break (especially the last week or so) and share any information with the new teacher that will be helpful to them in supporting your child.

 Whole School Transition

Our session dates are as follows:

Mon 28th October - 2.40pm (completed)

Wed 13th Nov - 9.50am (completed)

Thurs 28th Nov - 2.40pm

Tuesday 10th Dec - 9.50am

Feedback from Students

As a result of our first transition session one of our Year Prep students went home very excited about going to Year 1.  He realised that the school was more than just the Junior Building and playground, he also met new teachers and friends.

Please chat to your child about their Transition sessions and if you have any feedback, please see your child’s teacher.

Prep Parent Information Session

The Information Evening for our Prep parents for 2020 is on Monday 9th December at 7.00pm. We encourage all parents to attend the meeting as valuable information will be given on the evening, including dates and processes for the beginning of the year.