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Set in a darkly exaggerated but not too distant future, the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne are so gridlocked that there is no fresh food, physical schools or emergency services. Footpaths have been absorbed into roads, public transport is an old wives’ tale and the number one selling automotive accessory is the ‘cower’ - a car-shower. Fifteen year-old, Delores is so worried about the state of the world, she locks herself away in her room producing a podcast (Apocalypse How) where she investigates signs that the world is ending. When a boring machine breaks through her loungeroom floor, it sets into motion a surreal subterranean adventure. A liquorice black comedy about dealing with traffic congestion staged in the heart of the construction zone for the North East Link.

16, 19-23 September @ 7pm 

Uniting Church Hall -Arden Crescent Rosanna 

Tickets - $30/ $15