Our Alumni 

Where Are They Now?

In this edition of the newsletter, we would like to introduce you to Sumana Vatula,  another of our former student from the early years of Nossal. 

Sumana Vatula


Sumana studied physiotherapy after completing Year 12 and went on to work as a physiotherapist in the public sector. She started working at Bendigo Health in her first placement as a grade 1 physiotherapist, a chance also to experience, living out of home. The move was successful and just over 2 years later, is still in the role. Sumana has completed rotations in community, subacute and the acute world and is still to work out which area she likes the best.


Sumana writes... "Working at a hospital has so many perks, there is a strong team and community feel and you always have peers working in the same wards! It’s been quite interesting being here during this pandemic, a lot of practises and norms have changed.

I love to travel, it’s been SO hard during this pandemic without having that to look forward to! Travelling makes me feel grounded and brings me back to Earth when sometimes day to day life can get quite built up in my head. I’ve also really enjoyed learning Karate which I started purely by chance."


Reflecting on her days at Nossal, Sumana says English was her favourite subject but given her time again, she would have loved to complete VCE Art and recalls her fondest memory was lunchtimes sitting out in the sun with my group, or study periods in the library.


In conclusion, Sumana has the following advice for those following in her footsteps and studying at Nossal... "When you make a decision, stick by it and see it through, you’ll always have the option to change later if it doesn’t work out, but you won’t know if it works out until you see it through. Also, see the opportunities ahead and don’t get clouded by fears."