From the Library,

Last issue for 2020,

Scholastic Book Club.


Scholastic book club issue 8 is out.  Please find a copy of the catalogue at the below link. Books will be available to purchase online for delivery to you home at a fee of $5.99.  If you wish to purchase any books, please do so before November 30th. (To allow for delivery before end of term.) 




We are handling book club in this manner at present in order to be Covid-Safe.


There is a brand new novel, Code Name Bananas by David Walliams. Unfortunately it didn't make it into the catalogue, however it's available to order on LOOP for the Club price of $18 using item order #084.


Ordering is easy, via the Scholastic Website or on their Mobile App (LOOP) which is available through the App store.  Books will be delivered to your home. 


Or download Loop Book Clubs from the App store. 


Scholastic are happy to help with any queries you may have.  If you get stuck and need help, simply call their friendly Customer Service team on: 1800 021 233 between the hours of 8am to 5pm. After 5pm, you may email their after-hours LOOP help on

Library Roster

Library sessions are alternate weeks.


Please ensure your child brings any outstanding library books and that they pop their library bags into their school bag for their rostered days.


There are still many many books outstanding and students are forgetting their library bags.  Please take note of the below roster and help them to organise for library days. Thank you.


Week A (Beginning 16th November)

Tuesday - 3/4A - 1/2A - 2G  (Public Holiday)

Wednesday - 3D - 3E - Prep C - Prep D

Thursday - 5/6C - 1/2C - Prep B - Prep A

Friday - 3/4B - 1/2B - 1D - 1E


Week B (Beginning 23rd November)

Wednesday - 6F - 6G - 2F - 5/6A

Thursday - 3/4C - 5/6B

Friday - 5D - 5E - 4F - 4G