From the School Leadership Team,

From Chris Chant,





Last day of term 4 2020 is Friday 18th December. School will be dismissed at 1.20pm and 1.30 pm.


First day of the 2021 school year for students is Monday 1st February.



Please see included in this issue the Fundraising Silent Auction that is being held next week. The EFM and our Parents' Committee have organised a French Themed Christmas online auction to finish 2020!  Do your Christmas gift shopping and support French themed artisans and local businesses while fundraising for CJC.


School uniforms are a visible recognition of a student’s attendance at the site, connection to their learning and a symbol of belonging to our school community. They also make the decisions around what to wear to school each day a much simpler task. Items need to be clearly labelled so we can return them. In today’s communication you will see an opportunity to donate items for planned uniform sale sessions at the school. To maintain and improve the culture of the school, uniforms need to be worn appropriately and be of presentable quality. Please only donate quality items without marks, holes, rips or faded badges.


Last night we had the police in attendance at the front of the school to manage traffic flow after a tram had decided it could go no further and stopped right outside the front door. That was one way to stop the u turn. We have asked police to patrol the Balaclava Road frontage in the hope that we can reduce the flagrant breaches of the road rules and maintain a safe and orderly environment for our students to access the school.


Prep transition

Our first Prep Transition session was held on Wednesday, with 35 bright and happy children visiting our school for their orientation session. In small groups, the children did some school readiness activities in the Prep classroom and had a tour of the school. It was a very successful day. We look forward to them joining our CJC community soon. Our next Prep Transition session is Wednesday 25th November.


Funky Friday was slightly different today. Many of our staff changed roles and worked for a short session with a new class, a new team, in a new program or even sat in the front office wearing a tie (that I had to loan them !) These special days have added some colour, humour and enjoyment to our days.


Also, today we had an Evacuation Drill. These practice drills take place at regular intervals throughout the school year as part of our emergency management process. Staff and children exited the buildings calmly and quickly. Well done to everyone involved.


This week we managed broken arms, a swollen face, chronic asthma and a fainting episode. First aid is a huge part of our wellbeing program and when a matter is considered urgent we take the steps of calling an ambulance. A trip to the hospital via ambulance can be very costly but is not charged if your family has an ambulance membership. An ambulance membership is money well spent and you never know when you may need their care and attention.


From Christelle Breimeyer,

Acting French Director.


Chères familles de CJC,


C'est incroyable de penser que dans un mois déjà, nous serons en grandes vacances! Ce trimestre est passé plus vite que jamais… Un trimestre où on a pleinement profité d'être à l'école avec les élèves après une année bien différente.

Chaque jour a été une opportunité d'apprendre tout en s'amusant. Aujourd'hui en a été encore la preuve. Les enseignants et collègues ont échangé leurs classes, voire même leurs bureaux…


Passez un excellent weekend !



Dear CJC families,


It’s hard to believe that in just one month, we will be enjoying the summer holidays!  This term flew even faster than ever… A term where we fully enjoyed being at school with the students, in what was a very peculiar year.

Every day was an opportunity to learn while having fun.  Today was a great example: teachers and staff have swapped classrooms, and even offices for 1 session…


I wish an excellent weekend to all!


Christelle Breimeyer.