Getting it right in English!


Fun family literacy projects


With the summer holiday period approaching, there will be lots of opportunity to spend time together as a family. While the best thing is to be out enjoying the weather, some of those summer days are just too hot! As this is also a longer break, it’s especially important to continue to build students literacy skills. Below are some fun literacy activities you can engage in together to continue to practise reading, writing and speaking & listening.


Below are some ideas for some literacy oriented family projects:

  • Email friends or family members
  • Use social networking sites to communicate with family and friends
  • Read a book series together
  • Read the instructions for a new item together to find out how it works
  • Record family events or travel experiences in a journal or on an online blog
  • Write plays and perform them for family and friends
  • Create hand puppets or finger puppets out of paper and icy pole sticks and put on short performances
  • Read, select and collect news articles and create an album about, for example, a sporting team, pet type, or leisure activity
  • Solve crosswords, word puzzles, brain teasers, play word games and quizzes together
  • Browse libraries and book shops together
  • Make a movie together using a video camera or iPad 
  • Follow a map or brochure on an outing, including reading public transport timetables and information signs at public sights 
  • Read a recipe together and have a family member record as a cooking show
  • Create a board game, including cards and rules, that can be played together as a family
  • Follow instructions on a website to create some fun paper and craft art projects
  • Create picture books of funny family memories that can be read over and over


Ideas taken from ‘201 Literacy and maths tips to help your child’, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development