Assistant Principal

Dear Families,


Thank-you all, from the heart, for your support, encouragement and kindness throughout a very challenging year.

I wish every student, our families and friends a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.


For this final Partners In Learning newsletter I am sharing with you all a message I have written to our Year 6 Graduates.


Dear 2020 Year 6 Graduates,


I know that this is not the Graduation you dreamed about back in February: Back then you dreamed about rehearsing your song, standing tall on the stage with your classmates, your family and friends in the audience cheering you on. But even though there may not be the same tenderness without your family watching on because of our circumstances, never has a graduating class been called to step into secondary school with more maturity, sense of purpose, energy and hope.


I wish I could reassure you all with what the future will be like but the truth is I cannot. What I do know is that the same values, courage, determination and resilience that has got you to this moment – all those things are the very same things that will sustain you through whatever is coming in secondary school and beyond.


It is critical that you learn to be comfortable and at peace with the discomfort of stepping into the unknown. It is really okay not to have all the answers. It is really okay to try new things, put yourself forward and fail. All failure is there to teach us something but we have to be open to the lesson it is trying to teach us. 


So how can you all use the lessons that COVID_19 has produced? Can you all embrace it as an opportunity that has given you time to be more independent, resilient, grateful for what you already have and hopeful for the future? Can you, the graduating class of 2020 move into secondary school kinder, more courageous, more reflective and optimistic as a result of the disruptions caused by this pandemic? 


I wish you all much success and fun as you continue to learn, grow and evolve into amazing young people who care about making a difference from wherever you stand. 


Go Well,

Kathy Cvitkovic

Assistant Principal