General English - Poetry

Year 10









We are moving

We go up

Then there’s

“General Competencies”



Problem Solving 

When organising.

No information

On numeracy

EW teamwork


For us in



By Sahar Azizi









We laugh like hyenas,

We joke around a lot

Be careful what you say

Or else we’ll kick it off

Coz times may be tough

But we have each other’s back

We pick each other up

And go straight for attack

We’re family

Even if there’s no relation

Because we know that through love

There is no complication

Just don’t get caught with Kiuga

Because we know how it ends

When looking for “the one”

Make sure you double check


When we come together

There’s food and celebration

Corn beef and taro

No need for hesitation

Just be yourself

Go with the flow

Don’t be like them girls

Who hide their toes

By Kesalini Muli.



Tim is his name

And rugby is his game.

He thinks he’s all that

But nah, he’s pretty lame.

Don’t get caught with Kiuga.

Coz we’ll know how it ends.

When looking for “the one”

Make sure you double check.

Coz it’s your cousin


It’s your cousin.     

By Timothy Gosche



They tell you the time,

Are you late?

Or are you on time?

Are you early?

Or is the clock behind?

By Marissa Ciavatta



First day of hell,

Broke amongst the surface.

Feeling unworthy from teenage hormones

She’s only now going through this.

Brain stuck in a place,

Thinking about what those girls,

On the circle table were saying.

When they mentioned her name.

Oh, how bad it feels to experience these

Hormones messing with 

Her brain.

By Caitlin Heard



Autumn, the season of harvest,

Red, gold and brown, the fall to the ground,

Covering the earth with a soft blanket,

Branches crack, leaves crunch and rustle,

As children skip to school for another day,

To an unspoken song the leaves sway,

All sorts of critters crawl and creep,

As they head off to their lairs to sleep.

The cool breeze caresses the lifeless branch,

The pools of water ripple throughout,

The wind carries the echoes of their cheers:

“Autumn is finally here!”

By Riki Mucollari