Term 1 Math Awards

During this week’s assembly, the Mathematics Department presented the Maths Prizes for Semester One. Two prizes were presented to each year group, one for highest achievement and one for most improved.


The prize for Academic Achievement was presented to the student or students from each year level who had consistently performed at the highest level in mathematics throughout the first semester. The prize winners were: Jevan Buckland , Brendan Powell, Darcy Greenwood, Jordan Ciaponi, Samuel AllenJames Stanwix and Leon Monaghan.


The second set of prizes were presented to students, from each year, who had through their hard work and dedication improved their marks and achieved to the best of their abilities during the first semester. The prize winners were: Kai Gamble, Luke Connan, Jude Quinn, Kyle Aird, Evan Crotty, Ben Oates, William Bidstrup and Samuel Bulich.


Congratulations to all the prize winners. Their dedication to excellence serves as an inspiration!


Lynda Godfrey

Head of Mathematics