Supporting our students, staff and parents

Firstly, I want to say thank you to everyone who has given me a warm welcome to Cecil Hills High School. My first memory was arriving in the car park and an energetic welcome by Mr Alfonsi. I have very quickly learned what makes Cecil so special  - it is the warmth of our community.



My name is Julian Floriano and I have joined Cecil Hills High School as the second Head Teacher Welfare. Working alongside the marvellous Mrs Alison Randall, where we strive to make sure every member of the community feels safe and supported.  I also work closely with the Year Advisers, Learning and Support Team, Counsellors, Deputies and our Student Support Officer to ensure that the right support is offered to our students, staff and parents. 


Since starting last year, I have enjoyed working on peer mentoring training, the 2020 Presentation Assembly, being a member of the FOCUS team and coordinating staff professional learning. A major focus in my role is to support the attendance of every student, ensuring they achieve 90% or over for each year they are at Cecil Hills High School. 


I have come from my previous school being in the same role but my last school was much smaller than Cecil Hills High School. I have always had a passion for student welfare and the development of the whole student. I am enthusiastic teacher of Society and Culture/International Studies where I enjoy connecting students to the world and the variety of social issues.   


I am excited to be a part of the Cecil community and I look forward to getting to know everyone! 


Julian Floriano

Head Teacher Welfare