News of the Week


Welcome to the Year 6 leadership groups first newsletter for 2023. We are very excited to be sharing what's happening at St Brigid’s with you.


Each fortnight the Year 6 Leadership groups will have the opportunity to write the newsletter. This week it was the Arts and Culture group and in a fortnight the Technology group will write the newsletter. 


The student newsletter will focus on what is happening in the classrooms, important dates and incursions or excursions coming up.



This week we are celebrating the Year 1/2 level.  We asked Harper D, Milla A and Mekhi S the following questions:


Q1 - How has school been like this term?

Q2 - What has been your favourite subject this term and why?

Q3 - What is your favourite subject? / What have you done so far in your favourite subject?

Q4 - What is your favourite thing to do at playtime?


Here are their answers:


Harper D - 1S

  • Q1 - Good. I like bike riding to school.
  • Q2 - Art
  • Q3 - Portrait of myself
  • Q4 - Play in the sandpit.

Milla 1/2Y

  • Q1 - Good
  • Q2 - Writing - Get to do funny pictures
  • Q3 - Maths - Number Lines and Math tests
  • Q4 - Play in the sandpit.

Mekhi S 1/2E

  • Q1 - Good.
  • Q2 - Drama - Enjoy playing games.
  • Q3 - Play games and learn music.
  • Q4 - Going on the monkey bars.


We all decorated balloons for our beautiful wall display in the Hall.   

The Giving Tree in the foyer shows all our strengths that we can “give” to each other. 


Please pop in and have a look.



Students from Year 4 to 6 went to swimming trials today.  It is where you swim in either freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke or butterfly and get timed to see who will make the St Brigid's swim team.  We will find out who is in the team when Miss Richards puts the team up in the Hall.  When we start training next Wednesday and Friday the team will come back to school and have breakfast together in the hall.  School will supply the breakfast for the team.



Interschool sports for the 5/6 students start tomorrow. 


This summer for inter school sports, the year 5s and 6s have gone into 4 different teams. The groups are Rounders, Cricket, Tennis and Volley Stars. The first match is tomorrow and we are versing Dingley, we are at their school. 


Cricket, Volley Stars, Rounders and Tennis.

  • Friday 10th of February - vs Dingley away
  • Friday the 17th of February - vs Mordi Beach at home
  • Friday the 24th of February - vs  Saint John Vianney's (SJV) at home


The staff have planned a whole school excursion to Healesville Sanctuary as a welcome back to school. We are looking forward to this day. Parents when the note comes out on Operoo make sure you sign it so we all get to go.



Thank you for all the parents who came to the parent teacher information night. We hope this helped you understand what we are doing in class so far and what your child will be doing later in the year, as well as homework expectatons.


Thank you for reading our newsletter,

Oriana, Aisling, Tate, Kiera, Lucas and Matilda