REL8 Wellbeing Days

Throughout Week 5 of Term 2 all of the Year 8 students had the opportunity to participate in REL8 Wellbeing Days. These days focussed on the wellbeing of students, incorporating the dimensions of Health and Wellbeing – Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Social. The day was spent at EV’s Youth Centre in Croydon and Aqua Hub. Students were grouped in their Houses – Mabo, Jackman, Frazer and Freeman where they were able to make new connections with peers. The sessions included a boot camp run by Vitality FITT, a session run by Legal Aid, another from Maroondah Youth Services and one from Better Place Australia. Below are some reflections from Year 8 students.


“During the Year 8 Wellbeing day we went to Aqua Hub where we attended a boot camp run by a lovely lady, Alicia. First of all we warmed up by playing a fun game where we had to bear crawl grab a ball and throw it in the bucket it was a race between all our teams. Secondly, we did a circuit of activities like skipping, weights, star jumps, push ups, squats, burpees and mountain climbing exercises we had to do each exercise for 35 seconds with a 25 second cool down. My favourite thing to do was the basketball throw and I also enjoyed it when some of the teachers joined in. Going into this boot camp I thought it wouldn’t be fun at all and I thought it would be hard but I had a lot of fun and it gave me a lot of energy and put me in a good mood even though the next day my arms were really sore from the weights.”

Madison Studzinsky (8A)


“I had a really great time on the day all the activities provided were great! I can’t say anything for improvements because it was great.”

Riley Lobert (8A)


“During the Rel8 Wellbeing day be attended a seminar called Legal Aid. During that seminar the presenter talked about sexting and what’s is legal and not legal. We learnt about the law side of things and what we could and couldn’t do if somebody sent us an inappropriate photo. We learnt that if somebody sends us an inappropriate photo, under no circumstances are we allowed to share that photo, that would be illegal. The presenter also talked about what we could do and who we could see if somebody illegally sent us an inappropriate photo. She talked about counselling and therapeutic help. The seminar was very informative.”

Isabelle Wood (8C)


“Also during the wellbeing day we had a very special visit from the Maroondah team who came to talk to us about a positive mindset and how to think of the best in a bad situation. First when we came into the room we had to brainstorm words about positive feelings like excitement, grateful and stuff like that. After that we stood up and they said a few situations and then we had to move to either positive feelings or negative feelings so if he said ‘no more school’ some people moved to negative feelings if they loved school and it would make them said without school and then the others moved to positive because they didn’t like school. After that we got a chocolate and we held it and closed our eyes and thought about memories that have chocolate in it. After a few minutes of thinking we got to eat it slowing and taste how good it was. Then we had to fill in this sheet how we felt about the whole thing. Over all it was a very fun and interesting.”

Sophie Gill (8A)


“I liked the session about the positive emotions. It was laid back and the instructors were fun and looked like they generally enjoyed their session.”

Jaz McNeill (8A)


Alyce Bailey | Positive Education & Pathways Leader | Ringwood SC 

Sulley's Scare Floor Movie

Are you ready for a fun night in?!

Maroondah City Council Youth Services is hosting a winter, indoor, immersive cinema event - “Sulley’s Scare Floor” screening the classic movie Monsters Inc.!

It is on Friday June 14th - 6:30pm at EV’s Youth Centre (212 Mt Dandenong Rd, Croydon).

Join in the fun for activities, snacks and a costume competition! Dress up as your favourite PIXAR character!! Beanbags, sleeping bags, cushions and blankets are encouraged to get extra snug!


Tickets can be purchased here: https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=493098&fbclid=IwAR391-4neFZzrdsaa_m8iEp8X4ndMTlw3yuJAlpglYMJ5I1BgpbhJsE93oY


All online ticket purchases come with a FREE popcorn voucher at the event 😊.

 If you have any further questions please get in touch, and there is a facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2081993192098762/



Amy Corcoran

Community and Online Engagement Officer - Youth and Children's Services | MYSPN Coordinator

Maroondah Youth Wellbeing Advocates (MYWA)

We are excited to announce that the Maroondah Youth Wellbeing Advocates (MYWA) are recruiting for young people aged 15-25 to take part!


Through MYWA, a group of young people work in partnership with Council to:

  • Advocate for Maroondah’s young people,
  • Contribute to Council strategies and plans and
  • Provide advice to Council to ensure that young people are effectively engaged on matters that affect them and their communities.

 MYWA provides young people with genuine opportunities to develop and apply their leadership and professional work skills, and use their strengths and skills to help their community.

Anyone aged 15-25 are able to apply, and the Advocates are reimbursed for their time. The MYWA team meet on the last Wednesday of the month in Ringwood and the commitment is 1 year until July 2019, with the possibility of extension.


Applications close Sunday 23rd June and places are limited. All applicants will receive an interview.


For more information please see the attached flyer - applications can be made via our website: http://www.maroondahyouth.com.au/mywa



Amy Corcoran

Community and Online Engagement Officer - Youth and Children's Services | MYSPN Coordinator

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