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Year 7 History

For the first term and to now, I have really enjoyed myself in History. I have learnt so many things I have never heard of like carbon dating and stratigraphy. Right now, we are learning about the Gods of Greece. In this project so far, I have learnt so much about the myths and legends that the Greeks believed in. The oral presentation I did on Chronos has increased my confidence. I’ve always looked forward to History; I am very excited to learn much more.

Benjamin Fambawl, 7G


Since being at Ringwood Secondary College, I have really enjoyed studying History. I have already learnt so many interesting facts. We’ve been working on our Oral Presentations on Greek Gods. I chose Poseidon, and he is the god of the sea! He had two other brothers named Hades and Zeus. Hades was evil and the God of the Underworld. While Zeus was like an angel and was the God of sky.

We’ve also learnt about BC (Before Christ), BCE (Before Common Era), AD (Anno Domini) and CE (Common Era). 

Ötzi (frozen ice man) was killed or starved to death. He was found accidentally by hikers that took a shortcut down the Ötztal Alps in September 1991. The hikers decided to call him Ötzi Man because he was found in the Ötzal Alps. I look forward to learning lots more this year.

Aniika Porter, 7G


Jess Robinson

History Teacher

Social Justice Group – Yr 12 VCAL

Congratulations to Phoebe, Ilesha, Ariah and Jonny from Yr 12 VCAL who raised $130 for Act for Kids as part of the Social Justice Group run by Gail Ackroyd from the Wellbeing team.

Act for Kids is an Australian charity which helps prevent and treat child abuse and neglect. The sausage sizzle and drinks fundraiser was a huge success and the students showed excellent teamwork, planning and organisation skills.



Voula Margellis

VCAL Teacher

Extension Programs at RSC

Year 7 Da Vinci Decathlon:  Fantastic Results!

On Monday, 20th May, our two Da Vinci teams of 16 Year 7 students met at Ringwood station on a rainy morning at 7.30am to make their way to the challenging Da Vinci Decathlon held at Camberwell Grammar. Students competed in an academic inter-school gala day run in the spirit of an Olympic Decathlon, with events/challenges in 10 academic disciplines. This was the first of the regional events held in Melbourne, and 19 teams had entered, mainly from private schools. Students had to work in their teams to complete a number of highly challenging tasks:

Session 1: Science, English, Art & Poetry, and Ideation

Session 2: Maths, Cartography, and Creative Producers

Session 3: General Knowledge, Code Breaking, and Engineering


Our teams:

Da Vinci Team 1: Kynan Waite & Taylor Wake 7A, Sam McPherson 7F, Isabella Burdan, Joy Jayanthan & Jaime Wall 7I, Amelia Harper & Jurin Yoon 7K.


Da Vinci Team 2:  Angeline Saju 7D, Ankita Patel, Isobel Ritter, Alvin Taylor, Isaac Yau & Nina Zou 7I, Adelaide A’Hearn & Imogene Prince 7L.



Da Vinci Team 1: Gained 1st place in the English Task; and had their poetry task read out to the entire audience. Fantastic effort!


Da Vinci Team 2: Gained 1st place in the Science Task; and also gained 2nd place in the Ideation Task (solve real world problem relating to Bushfires). Fantastic achievement!



The students were an absolute delight to work with during several training sessions, and were brilliant ambassadors for the College, working together in the spirit of the Da Vinci Challenge. Congratulations!


Ms Annette Niven

ACE Program Coordinator